The police rushed to the street to catch the speeding car

JapanWhen the camera records the speed exceeding the allowed limit, a policeman will rush to the road to block the offending vehicle.

How Japanese police catch drivers speeding

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In Japan, the speed limit allowed in the city is only 60 km/h. Off the highway, the figure rises to 100 km/h. Speed ​​violations are not uncommon.

To catch drivers speeding, Japanese police use speed cameras and are often placed in hidden corners, avoiding the remote detection of road users. When there is a violation, one or two policemen will run out to the street holding a stop sign, block the vehicle and guide the gate.

Usually, vehicles traveling more than 20 km/h over the speed limit on highways and 15 km/h on other roads will be allowed to pass. In 2020, a total of 1.16 million speeding tickets were issued across Japan, and only 199 of these were violations of 0-15 km/h above the legal limit.

As in Okinawa Prefecture, the police do not issue fines for driving more than 0-20 km/h over the allowed speed limit. Meanwhile, Toyota police have recorded a total of 68,963 tickets in 2020, and only 7 of these have exceeded 0-20 km / h over the limit.

The fines for speeding violations in Japan will depend on the speed limit. The minimum fine is 80 USD for driving over 0-15 km/h and the highest is 308 USD.

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