The trick of the man who burned the creditor’s body in Hai Duong

Hai DuongCao Tai Talent on November 18 will appear in court on charges of committing terrible crimes against creditors, burying them on the riverbank, but a few months later dug up and burned the corpses with gasoline.

The murder happened in November 2020, but last July, Nang, 40, and his wife, Vu Thi Mung, 38, were prosecuted.

The People’s Court of Hai Duong province is expected to try Nang on November 18 for crimes Killing, Robbery and Violation of corpses and remains, the maximum penalty frame is death. Defendant Mung appeared in court with charges Concealing criminals and Violation of corpses and remainst, a maximum sentence of 12 years in prison.

According to the indictment, Nang and her husband owed Mr. Duong Cong Cuong, 47, nearly 3 billion dong, but could not pay and could not extend the debt. Mr. Cuong promised Nang to settle his debt on November 28, 2020.

On that day, when I went to Hanoi, the staff at Nang’s pharmacy opened on Nguyen Thuong Man street, Hai Duong city, had to consult health from afar. Seeing that the store was empty, Nang informed the creditor to come here, intending to kill him if he could not extend the debt.

Mr. Cuong borrowed his brother-in-law’s black CX5 car and went to around 9am. When Nang said that he could only pay 200 million VND in advance, he did not agree, threatening to send someone to Nang’s private house in Hai Duong city to collect the debt. Carrying out his ambition, Nang tricked Mr. Cuong into going up to the attic and then hit him on the head with a stick, causing his death. The process takes about 10 minutes.

Cao Talent (blue shirt) at the investigation agency.  Photo: Website of the People's Procuracy of Duong province

Cao Talent (blue shirt) at the investigation agency. Photo:Website of the People’s Procuracy of Duong Province

Just in time to clean up the blood stains, Nang drove the CX5 to the Provincial Traffic Police Department, broke into the warehouse to steal two random number plates, intending to replace this car. Because he could not call the mechanic, he returned, still leaving the license plate of the evidence in the car.

Nang took a motorbike to go to some places to find a place to bury the body and chose a “sand lot, easy to dig” land next to the Kim Son River. On the same day of 11/28/2020, he bought a new phone, inserted a sim card of Mr. Cuong, texted his daughter with the content: “Dad goes to the funeral, Dad comes back tonight”. Nang also sent a message saying “Daddy is going to Nghe An”, but the girl noticed the strange style and replied: “Who sent the message, not dad”. The power didn’t respond anymore.

In order to make people think that Mr. Cuong is still alive, he continued to go to his Zalo, posting the content “Arrived in Vinh city”, but the attached image is the welcome gate: “Welcome to Vinh Yen city”.

Still leaving the creditor’s body in the attic, Nang drove the CX5 to Hanoi, leaving the car at the roadside in the Kim Van – Kim Lu urban area, about 75 km from the scene. Taking a taxi back, Nang took a hoe to the Kim Son riverbank and dug a hole 2m long, one meter wide and 80cm deep.

That same evening, Nang told his wife the story of killing his creditor and refused advice to turn himself in. He threatened to commit suicide if he had to go to prison and asked his wife to help bury the victim. This was done by the couple in the night.

The next morning, Nang planted two perennials and a tea tree on the grave to mark the location.

Also on November 29, 2020, Nang and his wife went to Hanoi, moved the things in the CX5 to their car, then wiped it with alcohol, snatched the dash cam and threw it in the trash.

Returning to Hung Yen, he discovered that there was a pair of documents belonging to Mr. Cuong in the car, so he returned to Hanoi. Nang put his briefcase in the CX5, locked the door and threw the keys into the river.

Back at the drugstore, Nang erased the traces, cleaned the blood-stained wall and painted it new. More than 2 months after committing the crime, he returned to the Kim Son riverbank, saw that people were planting trees here, afraid that Mr. Cuong’s body would be discovered, he considered digging up and burning it.

On the evening of February 8, Nang and his wife bought 6.5 liters of gasoline, picked up wooden bed sheets, and brought them to the banks of the Kim Son River. The fire was so high that a fisherman found it strange to ask, but Mung replied “burning anti-epidemic items”. At that time, she was wearing protective clothing so she was not suspected.

In the pile of ashes, Nang discovered that there were two unburnt bones, so he put them in a nylon bag, took them to another place, smashed them with a hammer, and then threw them away. The rest of the ashes were thrown into the river by him.

On July 1, more than 7 months after the murder, Nang surrendered to the police station.

Nang and his wife opened many pharmacies in Hai Duong city. From 2019, Nang rents a house on Nguyen Thuong Man street. In early 2021, three months after killing Mr. Cuong here, Nang and his wife returned home and rented an apartment next door to open a bigger pharmacy.

According to local people, after the murder, Nang still often came to this house, happily greeting neighbors.

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