Travis Scott sued for deadly show

AmericaTwo spectators filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and the show’s organizers, killing eight people and injuring dozens in Houston.

Follow Eonline, on November 8, a spectator named Manuel Souza filed a lawsuit in the Harris County Court of Houston, Texas, demanding that Travis Scott and the organizers (Live Nation, ScoreMore and ASM Global companies) be held responsible and compensated. usually about the accident on the night of 11/05. He said he was injured after being pushed down by an enthusiastic audience and trampled on his body. This audience thinks that the accident can be completely prevented if the show adheres to safety rules.

Singer Travis Scott.  Photo: WireImage

Singer Travis Scott. Photo: WireImage

The petition reads: “The organizers need to have a responsibility to ensure safety and create a positive environment. The motivation for financial gain has made them pay the price for the health and safety of participants. Plus incentives. violence during the concert, eight people were killed and many injured when they wanted to have a good night.”

Another audience member, Kristian Paredes, filed a lawsuit against Travis Scott and related companies for negligence in the organization. This person also entered the name of rapper Drake in the lawsuit, claiming that he was also responsible for being on stage with Scott when the accident happened.

Travis Scott, Drake and the concert organizers have not yet responded to questions from the media. Follow NY Times, about 50,000 spectators gathered in Houston – Travis Scott’s hometown – to see him perform in the concert of the Astroworld tour. The incident happened when the crowd jostled to get closer to the stage. The dead are confirmed to be young, aged between 14 and 27. Police are continuing to investigate the cause of the commotion.

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Travis Scott at the show on the evening of November 5 in Houston, USA. Video: TMZ

Some witnesses said the standing area opposite the stage was very cramped. “I have been there since about 3 pm and it seems that there is not enough space to stand upright. There are many aggressive actions when people do everything they can to compete for places to buy souvenirs and food… Many fights happened. out during the show,” a female witness told NY Times.

From the audience’s videos, many people shouted for help when the jostling occurred, but others did not realize the accident. On stage, Scott urged the audience to enthusiastically respond to the show: “I want to see angry acts. Who wants to see anger?”. Moments later, the singer saw an ambulance and continued: “There was an ambulance in the crowd. It was a surprise.”

The organizers turn off the music. Scott asked the audience: “If you’re all right, give your thumbs up.” After that, he continued to perform and called on everyone to “shake the ground”. The concert lasted about 30 minutes before Scott waved to the audience and wished them a safe home.

Drake (right) and Travis Scott together on stage called on the audience to enthusiastically respond to the show when the accident happened.  Photo: Complex

Drake (right) and Travis Scott together on stage called on the audience to enthusiastically respond to the show when the accident happened. Photo: Complex

Mayor Sylvester Turner said it was too early to judge the program’s lack of safety. The show featured 505 security personnel, 91 armed and 76 officers from the Houston police department.

A security officer standing near the scene of the accident said he was injected with anesthetic when he tried to stop the crowd. At the police station, he said that the medical staff were treated with Narcan, a drug used to save patients with stimulant shock. The security guard said he was trying to hold a spectator and felt someone inject him in the neck, sending him into a coma shortly afterwards.

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