Try to endure even if you are not satisfied with your sister-in-law

Me and the author of the article: “My sister-in-law makes me suffer a lot” of the same age, same profession, same situation. Please tell me more about my situation.

She is loved by her mother-in-law, loved and supported by her husband, so try to keep that happiness. And her sister-in-law has her own life, it doesn’t matter. The day I got married, my mother-in-law immediately said: “In the past, my sister has never done anything, she can do it if she wants to, otherwise just let her do it, don’t be jealous of her”. Since then, I have never seen her husband wash dishes or cook a meal. Every time I go to the market to buy delicious food to eat during the epidemic season, my mother-in-law divides it and tells me to bring it to her house. Even though I’m not happy, I try to do it, thinking that I will gradually get used to it. When she comes out, she sometimes contradicts her mother-in-law.

Don’t worry about your sister-in-law, if you don’t have her, you still have to do it, adding a bowl and chopsticks is fine. You also have to think that the mother-in-law takes care of the rice and water because she wants to keep the family peaceful, the daily meal she cooks for her daughter to eat. As for her husband, she is fortunate to have a psychological husband who knows how to displease his wife; However, don’t talk much about your sister-in-law, you will eventually hate yourself. Show that you also get along with his family to make them happier. Such years are still long, wish you always happy.


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