Turn a 3 m2 loggia into a green hanging garden

HanoiFrom discarded plastic bottles and styrofoam boxes, Anh self-made a small vegetable garden by static hydroponic method in a plot of only 3 m2.

Ngoc Anh, 29 years old, works as a freelance interior designer, lives on the 20th floor of an apartment building in Hoai Duc district with her husband and 20-month-old son. During the last period of quarantine, she came up with the idea of ​​​​making a vegetable garden right at her 3 m2 house.

Seeing a friend showing off a vegetable garden grown by the static hydroponic method. Finding it suitable for an apartment building, Anh took the time to learn and try to apply it. “This method takes little care, is suitable for narrow spaces, and is highly effective,” she said.

Taking advantage of discarded items, Anh asked for old styrofoam boxes and plastic bottles from 1.5 liters to 6 liters from neighbors, combined with available items to grow vegetables. As for coir and seeds, she had to ask an acquaintance to help her buy them due to travel restrictions.

To make a hanging pot, Anh cut a large plastic bottle and can into two parts: the body and the neck. The neck of the bottle is perforated, then the substrate is placed and turned upside down on the body. Finally, Anh poured water to cover the neck of the plastic bottle, making it easy for the substrate to absorb moisture and be fixed on the bars.

The foam box is cleaned, the lid is perforated to fit plastic cups. The inside of the box is covered with an additional layer of nylon to avoid leaking the nutrient water and reduce the condition of moss causing dirt.

At each cup, Anh put coir into 2/3 cup, put soaked seeds and covered with a thin layer of coir. “Only the amount of nutrient water is flooded with 1/3 cup. After a few days when the roots grow into the water, start adding hydroponic solution at the right ratio,” she said.

With this method, growers do not need to water often, only when they dry up, they need more water.

While doing and learning from experience, gradually, Anh learned how to wrap tarpaulin insulation sheets to the body of cans and plastic bottles to keep the water temperature stable, avoid moss and absorb nutrients from vegetables.

Growing vegetables on the 20th floor should greatly affect the weather and strong winds. To be safe, she firmly fixed the plastic bottles to the bars, while planting, always kept the mouth of the can higher to reduce wind pressure on the plants. Since then, Anh’s vegetable garden was not affected.

At first, she only planned to build a small vegetable garden for her son to eat weaning, but she did not expect enough clean vegetables to serve the family’s meals.

Currently, the mother of one child grows all kinds of vegetables: water spinach, chrysanthemum, cabbage, apricot cabbage, spinach, spinach, cabbage, rose cabbage, not to mention the spices of Chinese coriander, scallions, and coriander. , dill, herbs.

“Although the amount of vegetables is not too much, just enough to eat by meal, but the vegetable garden helps the family save a lot of money,” Anh said.

Currently, Ngoc Anh is working on a vegetable garden on the other side of the house. She also grows a variety of green, clean vegetables to serve the family’s meals.

Quynh Nguyen
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