Vietnamese warships conduct drills with Japanese helicopter carriers

The frigate 011 Dinh Tien Hoang trains with the helicopter carrier JS Kaga and the destroyer JS Murasame off the coast of Cam Ranh.

“The warship Kaga and Murasame conducted a friendship training session with the Vietnamese frigate Dinh Tien Hoang off the coast of Cam Ranh on November 7. This activity helps improve tactical skills and strengthen mutual understanding. , as well as friendly relations with the Vietnamese navy,” the Japanese Ministry of Defense said in a statement yesterday.

The Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force said it would continue to strengthen defense cooperation with countries in the region, contributing to peace and stability in the Indo-Pacific.

The Japanese crew waved to the Vietnamese frigate after a training session on November 7.  Photo: JMSDF.

The Japanese crew waved to the Vietnamese frigate after a training session on November 7. Photo: JMSDF.

The fleet of helicopter carriers JS Kaga and destroyer JS Murasame docked at Cam Ranh international port in Khanh Hoa province on November 5, starting a two-day visit to Vietnam. The two navies do not organize exchanges and direct contact to ensure the prevention of Covid-19.

During their visit to Vietnam, Japanese warships refueled, replenished logistical reserves, and checked technical work. Follow Navy Newspaper, the joint training session between the two navies revolved around the content of formation and communication.

JS Kaga is one of the two largest Izumo-class helicopter carriers in Japan today. The ship is 248 m long, has a full displacement of 27,000 tons and can carry 14 helicopters. Japan is implementing a plan to convert two Izumo-class ships, allowing them to receive and operate the F-35B stealth fighter.

JS Murasame is a multi-purpose destroyer in service with the Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force since 1996. The ship is 151 m long and has a displacement of 6,100 tons. The main armament of JS Murasame includes 8 Type-90 anti-ship missiles, 16 RIM-162 ESSM medium-range air defense missiles and 6 Type-68 torpedo tubes.

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