Violating epidemic prevention regulations, the company has 650 F0

Bac LieuBefore the outbreak at the enterprise, Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company in Gia Rai Town did not test workers for Covid-19 in accordance with regulations.

On November 7, Colonel Le Viet Thang (Director of Bac Lieu Provincial Police) said that the investigation results showed that this company violated in that it did not periodically test workers – not enough factors. In order to prosecute, the investigating agency proposed administrative sanctions.

Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company has 700 permanent workers and about 200 seasonal workers. According to verification by the authorities, on October 19, a 16-year-old female worker of this enterprise brought her relatives to Gia Rai Town Medical Center for medical examination. Here, she was tested and tested positive for nCoV.

In the 14 days before the illness, every day, the young woman came to the company to work from 5 to 16 hours. She has not been vaccinated against Covid-19, nor has she been tested for Covid-19. Currently, she has recovered from the disease, was taken to an isolation ward to continue monitoring her health for another 2 weeks.

Through tracing and rapid testing of related F1 cases, on the night of October 19, the health sector recorded dozens more workers of Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company positive.

The director of Gia Rai TX Medical Center said that at the time of the outbreak, this company gave the first dose of Covid-19 vaccine to all workers, except for the infected girl – because she was not old enough to be vaccinated. Currently, the remaining workers of this company (without disease) have received 2 injections, periodic PCR tests every 3 days, all negative results and have returned to work.

Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company in Bac Lieu.  Photo: An Binh

Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company in Bac Lieu. Photo: Peaceful

Huynh Van Dung (Director of Gia Rai Town Medical Center), so far, the province has recorded about 1,500 Covid-19 cases, the most in Bac Lieu province. Of these, Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company has 650 cases. In addition, related to this infection chain, there are more than 200 cases – relatives and neighbors of infected workers.

Currently, the company’s F0s are in stable health, 250 people have been discharged from the hospital. Particularly, the 70-year-old woman with Covid-19 died from an underlying disease, a family member of F0 who is a worker of the company.

“In the past, according to regulations, businesses had to quickly test 20% of workers per week. Tan Khoi Seafood Import-Export Company tested 3 times, not all workers (5 weeks to finish), then many times. week they don’t participate,” said the director of Gia Rai TX Medical Center and said that when the epidemic broke out, the regulation changed that 100% of workers must test before this company would strictly implement it.

In the past 24 hours, Bac Lieu province recorded 297 positive cases of nCoV. In which, 106 cases were recorded in the community, especially in Gia Rai town with 43 cases, detected through community screening tests and tracing cases related to the infection chain of the Seafood Import-Export Company. Tan Khoi products, Chau Ba Thao seafood company… ; Next is Bac Lieu city with 24 cases, Dong Hai district with 17 cases…

To date, Bac Lieu province has recorded 5,260 Covid-19 cases, an increase of more than 10 times compared to the beginning of October. Of these, 1,460 patients have been cured and 40 have died.

On November 2, Bac Lieu upgraded the epidemic level of the whole province from level 2 (yellow zone, medium risk) to level 4 (red zone, very high risk). In which, Gia Rai town and Bac Lieu city are level 4; Dong Hai, Phuoc Long and Hong Dan districts level 3 – high risk. Vinh Loi and Hoa Binh districts level 2.

Out of 64 communes, wards and townships, there are 20 units in the red zone; 8 orange zones and 36 yellow zones. The province has called for the support of medical supplies, doctors and nurses from upper-level hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City and Military Zone 9…

The whole province has vaccinated against Covid-19 for 532,871 people (more than 79% of people 18 years old and older), of which 156,232 people received 2 injections.


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