What job should I change when I’m 30?

I have more than five years working as a foreign buyer for a family company, good English, one more year before I complete my double law degree.

I am 29 years old, married and about to have my first baby. I graduated with honors from the Banking Academy, but I didn’t have good looks, so I took the exam a few times to pass a credit officer at a joint stock commercial bank. After a few months, I took a break because of my youthful shock, thinking that the bureaucratic environment was not suitable. After that, because of the pressure of “I can do anything, as long as I make enough money to support myself and pay off my debt to my parents”, so I worked outside the industry for three consecutive years at a small company. At first, my income increased steadily, compared to my friends, my job was easier but the salary was high, so I overslept in the safe zone.

When I was startled when I saw that this job had no promotion, prospects in the aviation industry, the boss did not have a suitable orientation… it was too late. I taught myself to take the IELTS 7.5 and now study for another law degree in the hope of “better late than never” but got lost and don’t know how to start over. I don’t think it’s suitable for the same profession, like a fresh graduate who knows a little English can earn 10 million VND per month; different from the same industry, I interviewed FDI enterprises that failed continuously due to lack of professionalism they needed; If I am different from another profession, which path should I follow?

My husband has a stable job, I also need at least a salary to support myself. At this age, I don’t know how with a background in banking and finance out but no work experience. I’m stuck at work, what should I do?


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