You want to harm me when you see me having a happy life

I met her by chance while alone in America. You match up a client for me to know, help me stay in the US.

When making a match, you also don’t know his background and personality (my current husband), just introduce him. Fortunately, my husband’s family and my husband are highly educated and well off. At that time, I wish I could go online to find a husband myself, rather than ask a matchmaker, because when my life is “high”, the matchmaker gets jealous and wants to harm me. When I’m not happy, I can’t blame anyone, always have to be indebted to that friend.

Married for a while, I can travel everywhere, my husband’s family is rich. I have my own house, car, and company. The matchmaking girl became jealous, tried to disrupt the relationship, contacted my cousins, tried to smear my honor with relatives and parents. They filmed a video telling me about who I used to know when I was single, then said I seduced my current husband. This made my parents sad, my cousins ​​despised and no longer respected me as before. I have many ways to get revenge but always pondering whether to do so. This girl has also been in an unusual mood since her child’s death, her mood from time to time.

It happened three months ago, but I still feel hurt and hate in my heart. I recite Buddha’s name, meditate to repent, want to forget so that my soul can be at ease, but why is my mind still thinking about this? I hope to receive some helpful advice to put my mind at ease, not to worry about others hurting me, and to stop planning my revenge. Also message to girls who want to find their soulmate, absolutely don’t go through matchmaking to avoid trouble like me.


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