Young Vietnamese people like to date via apps

More than half of the 18-25 year olds polled by Tinder said they were using a dating app, with the majority looking for a long-term relationship.

A survey conducted by Tinder from June 2020 to June 2021 shows that 51% of GenZ users are using different online dating apps. 93% of them say the app helps them meet new people and can stay connected during the pandemic.

The data also shows that 42% share the desire to find a long-term relationship through the application; 37% said they want to find true love; 20% take advantage of dating platforms to find new things.

A popular dating app on the app store in Vietnam.  Photo: Luu Quy

Tinder is a popular dating app in Vietnam. Photo: Luu Quy

Vietnam is also gradually becoming a priority market for these applications. Tinder recently put Vietnam in the group of the first 25 markets to experience the Swipe Night 2 event, instead of being ranked in the second phase like last year.

At the event announcement in early November, a Tinder representative said that dating through apps is a common trend among young people around the world. Half of the users of this app are from Generation Z, followed by Millennials (ages 26 to 40).

“This generation is really breaking the traditional dating rules. They don’t follow the straight dating route anymore. They are often looking for ways to interact and connect more deeply with someone over the Internet before meeting in person. real life,” said Tinder representative.

This is also the reason why this application developer implemented Swipe Night 2. The event is located in the Tinder app, taking place on Sunday from November 7 to November 21. The user participates in an adventure-type story whose plot is a crime scene. They can make their own choices, and each choice leads to a different scenario.

According to Tinder, each person’s decision will be displayed in the dating profile, through which users can better understand the other person, thereby deciding whether to pair up or not. Last year, the event attracted 20 million members and helped increase matches by 26%.

Kyle Miller, VP of Product for Tinder, shares about user trends when dating on the app.

Kyle Miller, VP of Product for Tinder, talks about dating trends on the app.

In addition to Tinder, a number of other dating apps such as Hago, MeYo, Alochat… are also popular in Vietnam and attract more than one million downloads. Among them, many people accept to spend money to experience premium features. On the Play Store in early November, out of the top 10 grossing apps, at least three were dating and making friends, not counting social networking apps.

However, experts warn that online dating can be risky. In addition to not knowing the information of their date, some applications also cheat to collect fees from users. For example, the Lamour app has repeatedly been accused of creating virtual profiles and using computers to chat with people rather than connect two people.

According to the developers, users should choose an app with a video calling feature, and always use this feature to verify about the other person before deciding on an actual date.

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