A Saigon girl falls in love with a 100-year-old village in Dong Van

Ha GiangWalking on the ancient village of Thien Huong, what makes Hong Van (HCMC) impressed is the serenity, lightness, separate from the noisy world outside.

Hong Van is the last generation of 8x, works as a designer in Ho Chi Minh City, but is very passionate about traveling. Fascinated by the beautiful scenery and people of Ha Giang, she has set foot in this land many times. In April, when Covid-19 had not yet broken out, the Saigon girl had the opportunity to return here, but this time decided to explore a place that few people set foot on. She spent 4 days living with people in Thien Huong village (Ma Pang village), Dong Van and fell in love with this place because of the simple and rustic things.

Hong Van shared that from the center of Dong Van town, it only took her about 30 minutes to reach this beautiful village. On the way to Thien Huong village, the beautiful scenery here attracts the curiosity of Saigon girls by one side of the cliff, one side of the abyss, looking down deep are the terraced fields and Nho Que river.

When coming to the village gate, turn right, in front of Hong Van are ancient banyan trees more than 100 years old, the size of 4-5 people hugging. This destination gives the 8x girl a pleasant feeling thanks to the cool and fresh climate.

Going deep inside the village, Hong Van has the opportunity to admire the ancient roofs of more than 100 years. Each house is hidden behind the trees, built in the ancient architectural style, covered with yin and yang tile roofs, and built with earthen walls.

A feature in this ancient village is that most of the houses are planted with pomelo trees, squash rigs, vegetables… and a lot of wild flowers around.

Quiet space without the sound of car horns is a special thing in Thien Huong village.

The village is the residence of the Tay ethnic group. They live by farming, making wine and still fully preserving the culture of the nation. In the photo, the tools are making linen yarn to weave into cloth and make clothes.

People are making pho cake – one of the typical dishes of this 100-year-old ancient village.

Every day, ethnic children living here follow their parents to the fields and help carry grass to feed the cows.

The four seasons here are dotted with many flowers. The flowers do not need care but still bloom on the yin and yang tile roof, making the village scene as beautiful as a picture.

Because she spent 4 days exploring the village, Hong Van had time to admire flowers, enjoy tea, read books… in the cool, pleasant weather.

Every morning, she also took advantage of going to the top of a nearby hill, breathing in the fresh air and watching the sunset over the village.

Currently, the ancient village of Thien Huong this season is more attractive thanks to the carpet of buckwheat flowers showing off their sweet pink and white colors, covering the hillsides. This is one of the check-in points not to be missed for those who love this flower. It is the scenery, people, and interesting life here that are worth coming to experience even once in your life.

Thu Ky (Photo: Hong Van)

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