Afternoon Xuan and daughter Hong Khanh duet

Afternoon Xuan and daughter Hong Khanh performed the song “La vie en Rose” in English and French.

When being a guest on the show Music Like broadcast on the evening of November 7, the artist sang in French, the daughter sang in English. The two were praised for their standard pronunciation, good coordination, and expression of the song’s emotions. In addition, mother and daughter performed People forget me (Khac Hung).

Spring afternoon and daughter duet

Afternoon Spring and daughter duet “La vie en Rose” (Edith Piaf). Video: Facebook Chieu Xuan

Hong Khanh said that mother and daughter prepared for the performance in two weeks. Currently, she studies online at home, often taking advantage of breaks to practice with her mother. La vie en Rose is the “cabinet” of both, so it’s easy to combine. She has good foreign language skills, so she is confident in pronunciation, but has difficulty expressing emotions through lyrics.

Before the performance, Hong Khanh was psychologically affected, so she trembled and panicked. She worries about how she will handle when performing, on screen, and how to handle wrong singing. The singer then talked to the musicians, encouraged them and gave them time to settle down.

Hong Khanh is happy to receive many compliments from everyone after the program. She considers this to be her own improvement in vocals, handling and expression of emotions. “I have practiced very well at home, so when I overcome psychological obstacles, I perform at my best. I feel mature, mature and have more faith in the upcoming musical path”, Hong said. Khanh said.

Afternoon Xuan expressed her happiness when accompanying her daughter in a music program. Artist and husband Hong Quan always let their children develop freely and pursue their passions.

Afternoon Xuan said he always accompanied and supported Hong Khanh's daughter.  Photo: Facebook Do Hong Khanh

Afternoon Xuan said he always accompanied and supported Hong Khanh’s daughter. Photo: Facebook Do Hong Khanh

In addition to a duet with her mother, Hong Khanh performed a series of works: Fragrant (Le Khanh Toan), Me these days (Truong Thang), Love you (Page), City of Stars – soundtrack La La Land, Fly Me to the Moon (Bart Howard), Repercussion (Nguyen Van Ty).

Hong Khanh was born in 2004, the youngest daughter of musician Do Hong Quan and artist Chieu Xuan. In 2019, she attracted attention when participating in The Voice Kids program, team Ho Hoai Anh – Luu Huong Giang. Hong Khanh is currently an 11th grader at Marie Curie High School. She is also the President of the school’s music club. In addition to studying culture, Hong Khanh spends time practicing more vocal techniques, playing musical instruments such as piano, guitar, ukulele… In her free time, Hong Khanh posts cover videos of hits on social networks.

In November 2020, Hong Khanh released MV Fragrant, as a gift to myself on the occasion of my 16th birthday. She did everything herself, from entering the studio, coming up with ideas for MV production, working with the crew… The production cost was nearly 100 million VND, taken from Hong Khanh’s savings.

MV "Thomas" by Hong Khanh

Excerpt from the MV “Tho” by Hong Khanh. Video: Youtube Hong Khanh

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