Air disinfection equipment costs 8 million

Philips says its UV-C air purifier can neutralize 99% of viruses and bacteria, including nCoV in just a few hours.

The product is the first model on the market with a design and feature that combines an air purifier and an air purifier.  Photo: Huy Duc

UV-C is the first product on the market that combines an air purifier and sanitizer. Photo: Huy Duc

Philips UV-C has a similar design to air purifier models with a plastic cover surrounding the UV-C lamp. This design is safer than using disinfectant lamps to leave the outside, because it does not shine directly on people, pets or indoor plants.

The machine is compact, easy to move, suitable for many indoor locations with dimensions 201 x 201 x 400 mm and weighs 3 kg. Unlike conventional UV-C lamps, which can only disinfect an area of ​​light space, the new device uses a fan to suck in air for sterilization, and then blows out clean air like an air purifier. Can disinfect the whole room.

However, compared to air purifiers, Philips equipment cannot filter fine dust of small size, only coarse dust. In return, the company said that the product can kill bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, and the effectiveness has been tested in laboratories.

The control panel design is simple and easy to use but does not feature smart control via smartphone.  Photo: Huy Duc

The control panel design is easy to use but does not feature smart controls. Photo: Huy Duc

The control panel is located on the top of the machine, simple and easy to use. Users only need to turn on the power and set the sterilization time depending on the area. For small rooms under 10 m2, the machine needs an hour of disinfection, while rooms from 10 m2 to 25 m2 will take 2 to 4 hours. The machine also has a quiet feature, reducing exhaust fan noise when in use.

The device uses a 35 W UV-C lamp with a lifespan of 9,000 hours. The disadvantage compared to other types of UV-C lamps is that it is not possible to remove and replace the bulb on its own in case of damage. The selling price of the product is 8.05 million VND, much higher than the existing separate disinfection lamps of the same capacity on the market.

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