Apple hires Tesla engineer to develop self-driving car

Apple invited Christopher Moore, former head of software for self-driving cars at Tesla, to join its automotive hardware research and development division.

A concept photo of Apple's self-driving car.  Photo: Wccftech

A concept photo of Apple’s self-driving car. Photo:Wccftech

Follow Bloomberg, Moore will work alongside Stuart Bowers, a former Tesla CEO who joined Apple late last year.

During his time at Tesla, Moore controversially judged CEO Elon Musk’s claim of “this year’s fully self-driving car with reliability surpassing that of humans” as exaggerated. Tesla’s new self-driving software is still in beta, not fully autonomous yet. Moore also pointed out, Tesla’s cars are currently level 2, which still requires supervision from the driver, while for full self-driving, the car must reach level 5.

Apple’s electric car project is codenamed Project Titan and remains a secret. It has hired many electric vehicle experts from different companies, such as Ulrich Kranz, co-founder of Canoo, who supports BMW on i3 and i8 hybrid vehicle projects. Previously, they recruited Steve MacManus, Tesla’s vice president of interior and exterior engineering.

Reuters Apple has built its R&D department on vehicle hardware since 2014, but stopped doing hardware research in 2016 and continues to develop self-driving car software.

The company also contacted many manufacturers, including BMW, Hyundai, Nissan and Toyota to discuss about jointly building the Apple Car. However, the negotiations did not appear to be successful. Analysts say the reason may be due to the industry’s dramatic transition to the electric vehicle segment, which has delayed joint development agreements. Along with that is the reluctance from some major manufacturers to become subcontractors for Apple.

As a result, the Apple Car project was delayed for many years. Apple is in the process of sending requests to global auto parts manufacturers for information and quotes to select the right supplier. Many reports say that KIA will be responsible for producing cars for Apple.

Analyst Ming-chi Kuo predicts that KIA will take over the car manufacturing line, while Apple will focus on designing and developing software and hardware for self-driving cars, semiconductors, battery technology, and standards. size and user experience. Apple is said to aim to ship 100,000 of its branded cars each year from 2024.

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