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Artist Hoang Lan ran out of money for medical treatment

Artist Hoang Lan hopes benefactors help because the money for treatment is exhausted, her limbs are contorted, lying in one place.

Actress Phi Phung said that Hoang Lan called for help when the amount of 400 million VND given by artist Trinh Kim Chi to her in March gradually ran out. Each month, Hoang Lan’s living expenses, rent, and medicine cost 30 million VND.

Actors Phuong Dung and Phi Phung visited artist Hoang Lan on the morning of November 10.  Photo: Phuong Dung

Actors Phuong Dung and Phi Phung (from left to right) visited artist Hoang Lan on the morning of November 10. Photo: Phuong Dung

Hoang Lan’s younger sister – Le Thi Tham – said that the artist returned home to lie down for nearly four months after a long time in the hospital treating back necrosis. Currently, her health is not critical, but her fingers and feet are contorted, unable to hold or walk. All personal activities are done on site. Ms. Tham said: “We only have enough money to pay for her in November. Ms. Hoang Lan is very afraid to ask for money for medical treatment, but now speaks out because there is no other way. She can’t work anymore.”

At the age of 62, Hoang Lan suffered from many diseases. In addition to Parkinson’s, she suffered from a long-term spinal injury and was wheelchair-bound. The actor’s right eye was completely damaged, the left eye gradually faded due to sequelae of glaucoma and uveitis many years ago. Last year, her back had severe necrosis, spreading almost to the bone, requiring surgery to cover the skin of her hands.

For many years, Hoang Lan has lived in an old apartment in District 10. In mid-2020, she applied for admission to the Artists Nursing Home, District 8, but was not approved because she is not a member of the Ho Chi Minh City Theater Association. Currently, she rents a small apartment in District 11.

Artist Hoang Lan was born in 1959 in the West. She became an actress in the theater troupe Kowloon River when she was 17 years old. After many years of working on stages, Hoang Lan joined the program In the house on the street in the early 1990s. She left her mark with a series of roles such as Two Rainy Sun, Lan Si-po… Hoang Lan’s name is associated with villains such as directors, prison restaurant owners, moms… Once, the lion’s mane hair became the “brand” of Hoang Lan. In the 2000s, she continued to be famous for films Beautiful secretary (2000), Solar port (2010)… In 2011, after a traffic accident and stroke, the actor’s health deteriorated.

Artist Hoang Lan in a wheelchair reappears after a period of illness

Artist Hoang Lan recalls the memory of “Indoors on the street”, 2019. Video: east West

Hoang Dung

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