Boyfriends are too close to female colleagues

My boyfriend and I have not known each other for a long time, before, I never checked my phone or read his messages.

Yesterday, he showed me about his conversation with a female colleague, the two of whom are quite close, exchanging both personal stories and photos. I only watched the last part, but didn’t scroll up. I was jealous, he said he wouldn’t be like that in the future, later turned around to defend the other girl and said that I should consider her a relative in the future. He said that the two of them were too close, so they were comfortable talking like that, even if she was sick, she texted him to ask him to do this and that (not a matter of work), while he and she both had lovers. I asked to borrow the phone, but he hesitated, did not give the password; After a long time, he told me, but he said he was afraid that I would be jealous. I didn’t check anymore, still laughing with him but in my heart was very sad.

I made it clear to him that colleagues should only stop at work, I also did not want to hold on to this love, but he refused to break up five times seven times. I hate smoking, told him to quit but he kept telling me to quit when I knew he was still smoking. He coughed more and more, the room smelled of cigarettes, there was even a pack of pills in the room.

I don’t know how to act. In the past, I repeatedly said goodbye because I could not accept his indifference, for some reason, until now, maybe sometimes seeing him caring and taking care of me, I relented. The thing about boys and girls I really hate but he is so close to his colleagues, I can’t stand it. Even if the two of you only have co-worker feelings, being brother and sister will not accept it. It happened that he just blamed me for being angry, didn’t listen to the explanation, said I was this and that; and she was defended by him. I don’t know how many pure relationships he has with the opposite sex. What to do now?


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