Bustling Zoo and Botanical Garden reopening day

Ho Chi Minh CityAfter half a year closed because of Covid-19, Zoo and Botanical Garden, District 1, attracted hundreds of people to visit, on the morning of November 5.

On the morning of November 5, people lined up at the counter to buy tickets to the Zoo and Botanical Garden. The entrance ticket price does not change, adults 60,000 VND / time, children 40,000 VND / time and free for children under 1 meter.

In addition to the medical declaration, guests must meet the epidemic prevention criteria such as adults who have had a vaccine and have passed 14 days can take children on a normal tour. Persons who have received 2 doses of vaccine, F0 have recovered (with confirmation) after 14 days, shall apply the above requirements.

On the first day of reopening, the Zoo and Botanical Garden attracted a large number of people, although it was not as bustling as before. Guests are mainly families in Ho Chi Minh City who bring their children to visit.

Animal cages such as giraffes, elephants, gibbons, goats… attract many children and adults to visit.

More than half a year the zoo, which is over a hundred years old, closed. Every month, the company has to pay 3-4 billion VND to take care of animals and plants. At the end of September, the Zoo and Botanical Garden, in a state of no revenue, made a written request to the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City for support to overcome the difficult period. Knowing the information, many people have posted to call for money to take care of animals and plants and receive large donations from the community.

Not far away, the goat stable is a place that attracts many children to play. Zoo staff said that today, due to the lack of grass, they temporarily do not sell to guests entering the barn to experience feeding the goats.

Duc’s family (District 1) was one of the first visitors to the Zoo on the first day of reopening. “Now I can take a break from work, take advantage of taking my children to see the animals early to stay cool. Hopefully in the near future this place will be more crowded to pay for animal care,” he said.

Nhi and her husband (District 7) and their two children go to the Zoo and Botanical Garden to play from 8am. “I chose to go on the first day of reopening to be quiet, but afraid that the weekend will be crowded, it will be tiring for the children. Not the first time coming here, but the children are still excited when they can see with their own eyes the animals usually only seen on TV” , said Nhi.

The seats on the tram service that carries passengers around the Zoo and Botanical Garden are crowded.

Some children’s games are working again. However, many thrilling games, the free water park is still closed.

Some foreign tourists take their children to the zoo. From this morning to noon, the weather is quite cool, without rain, convenient for sightseeing.

Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden was built in early 1864 with the first name being Botanical Garden. As the 8th largest conservation of flora and fauna in the world, the Zoo and Botanical Garden is also one of the largest parks in the country. Currently, there are more than 1,000 animals of 125 species, more than 2,000 trees of 260 species, dozens of domestic orchids, cacti, bonsai and green grass on an area of ​​more than 17ha.

Quynh Tran

Botanical Garden reopens on 11/05

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