Couples who get married through dating apps are easy to get divorced

BrotherA study by the Marriage Foundation published in October 2021, showed that 12% of couples who got together through online divorce in the first three years of marriage.

This figure in couples known through friends is 2%.

The researchers polled 2,000 adults, aged 30 and over, who had been married at least once.

The study found that the rate of couples breaking up gradually increased over time. After seven years of living together, couples who met through a dating app were 17% more likely to get a divorce, compared with 10% for couples who met through friends.

The poll also shows that about 8% of couples who have been in love since school and 7% of couples who know each other at work divorce within the first three years of marriage.

“These numbers are worrying given the growing number of couples getting married through dating apps,” said the Marriage Foundation’s director of research, Harry Benson.

According to the study, in the early years of marriage, couples who get married through apps may lack “social capital” (which is obtained through social relationships) or lack the close support of people around them. around, to deal with difficulties, easily lead to brokenness.

However, he insists the findings do not undermine the role of online dating. The main purpose is to point out the risks and difficulties of knowing strangers, when reliable information and less social support.

Online dating has really changed the way the world connects. A study conducted by the dating app eHarmony and the Imperial College Business School, in 2019, shows that, by 2037, most children born in the UK will have parents who met each other through the Internet.

In this study, Dr. Paolo Taticchi, predicts that by 2035, couples will meet more online than outside.

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