Daughter-in-law does not voluntarily provide for her mother and sister-in-law

I am 50 years old, my children all have their own families, and a stable life. Two years ago, I was not satisfied with the behavior of my daughter-in-law.

Previously, I worked as an accountant in a large company, after my husband moved away for work, I quit my job to stay at home to take care of housework and children, which has been 12 years. My oldest child has been married away for 10 years; The youngest child has been married for 5 years and lives with my wife and I.

Nothing happened until my daughter divorced, I love my children and grandchildren, so I called her to stay with me. My daughter used to be a housewife, so I didn’t dare let her go out to work, stay at home to have a mother and child, and my grandchildren to go to school. My son is studying for higher education, not having much income but the future is very potential. Daughter-in-law works at an import-export company, has a lot of money, wears clothes and shoes all day. I sympathize with my daughter-in-law, so I do all the food and water, but every month she only gives me 30 million dong, two years ago, having a daughter and granddaughter, the daughter-in-law gave me another 5 million dong.

The family has 8 mouths to eat, all the children are at the age of eating, so I have to make up for it all the time. At school age, you have to drink a lot of milk to be good, but when my grandchildren ran out of milk, my daughter-in-law didn’t care, I had to say: “My aunt bought milk for me” before the daughter-in-law would buy it. In the month of paying for school, I also had to say: “My aunt pays for my grandchildren’s education.” I just did. Ordinary people who know what they mean, look at each other and understand, but for two years now, my daughter-in-law has deliberately ignored it. I also sometimes give advice to my children, that as a family, we should protect and help each other; I have a reason why work is difficult these days, I have to save money for myself. But right after that, I bought three pieces of land for more than 3.5 billion VND.

The house I am living in has also sold for 10 billion dong. Next year, I plan to buy three small houses for my daughter, son and husband and wife to retire, so that my daughter-in-law will be less stuck in wholesale. But my husband and I want to be close to our children and grandchildren, each of us is in a place that I’m not comfortable with. What should I do so that my daughter-in-law can understand more morals, please give me advice.


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