Details Toyota Raize – a new option priced at VND 500 million

Toyota’s A+ high-rise car model imported from Indonesia, using Turbo 1.0 engine and CVT transmission.

Toyota Raize has a sturdy, square design that optimizes interior space. The car has many straight lines from the roof, to the body and under the car, creating a feeling of longer and longer car. The car has two color options, one color and two colors with black painted roof and mirror ears (called flying roof paint).

In general, Raize’s image is healthy and suitable for young customers in urban areas.

The front end of the car has an aggressive design that feels like a robot, the lights include many stacked LEDs. The position lights are also LED, but the fog lights are halogen. The grille has an inverted trapezoidal shape and is painted all black.

The rear also has a flat design with LED taillights and many details painted in black. The 17-inch wheels are the largest in the segment, this size is even larger than some B-size sedans.

The interior space is optimized with many straight lines, but like the outside, the interior is designed with many floating ledges and drawers. Dark colors with black and silver tones create a more matte and healthy feeling.

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The steering wheel with many navigation keys adjusts the driver screen and the center screen. Behind the steering wheel is equipped with gearshift paddles, but the car is not equipped with automatic throttle.

The interior highlight is the 7-inch driver screen, the largest in the segment. Multi-information custom display with service reminders, birthdays and custom display modes. Many B-size cars are not yet equipped with this type of digital display.

9-inch entertainment screen, reverse camera display and cross-traffic warning when reversing, equipped with many B-size cars that are not available.

The car is optimized for many storage positions, with a tray for water bottles protruding under the air-conditioning vents. This is a feature of many Toyota models, even on large vehicles.

The chair has a youthful shape, the back and the seat are covered with felt, only the two sides are covered with leather. Similar to size A, fully mechanical seats.

The second row of seats is spacious, especially the high ceiling due to the boxy K-Car design.

The luggage compartment has a capacity of 369 liters and when the second row is folded is 1,133 liters.

The car uses 5 tires of the same size to help when the tire has a problem, it can change the spare tire and move at normal speed.

The car uses a 1.0 turbo engine with a capacity of 98 horsepower, maximum torque of 140 Nm with a CVT gearbox. This is also the only model in the segment using this engine. Rival Kia Sonet uses a naturally aspirated 1.5 engine, slightly better power and torque, at 113 hp and 144 Nm.

For B-size sedans, only the Nissan Almera uses a turbo engine, the rest all use naturally aspirated engines.

Raize has only one version, the price is 527 million VND for a red or black version. Meanwhile, the white or two-color version is more expensive than 8 million, at 535 million.

Doan Dung
Photo: Minh Quan

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