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Every day I think I have to leave my husband to be happy

My husband and I are the same age, before we were classmates. We love and spend our youth days, even hard times because of work when each child is in different places.

We don’t have a supportive family, so we have to work very hard to be where we are today. We’ve been married for only 6 years, but we’ve gone through ups and downs together for 15 years. There is no third person between us, and there are no economic problems. My husband has a pretty decent income where I live, he lets me manage all of them.

Lately I’ve been thinking about divorce. I just gave birth to my second child, I thought that if I didn’t have more children, I would definitely get a divorce. Now, I’m afraid that I won’t be able to bear it with my two children alone, nor do I want to separate them. Normally, I’m quite peaceful, lately I’ve been angry, I can’t control myself. Every time I get angry and yell, my husband is silent. He did not speak back, nor encourage or express any other attitude.

I feel tired every time I come home. Working all day at the office, when I come back at night, the older one needs to teach, the other side cries for her mother, I’m like crazy. Husband is at home one day drinking with friends and guests. I feel that I am really lost, lonely in this marriage, needing to share without receiving attention from him.

Every day I want to be away from my husband a little more, just want to hide somewhere alone, leaving everything behind. Every day these thoughts are repeated in my head, it keeps urging me: “Divorce, only divorce can be happy”. Am I right or wrong, what should be done to solve this situation?


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