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Facebook still uses face data for metaverse

The company Meta said it will close the facial recognition system on Facebook, but does not rule out using them for the metaverse in the future.

“We believe facial recognition technology and biometric systems still have positive potential for the future, while maintaining privacy, control, and transparency. That’s the approach. which we will continue to explore as we look at computing trends to best serve people’s needs,” Jason Grosse, a spokesman for Meta, told. Recode.

Facial and biometric data is not completely removed by Meta.  Photo: Gamebrott

Facial and biometric data is not completely removed by Meta. Photo: Meta

According to Grosse, Meta – the company that owns the social network Facebook – will make public the purpose of using facial and biometric data. They also let users know how these systems work or how their personal data is used.

On November 3, Meta announced that it would completely shut down its facial recognition system in the “next few weeks”. The company promises to remove more than a billion previously collected identification samples from the platform.

Follow Engadget, the decision was taken by Meta following growing privacy concerns. Recently, Mark Zuckerberg’s social network had to pay $ 650 million in a lawsuit about the privacy of user information related to facial recognition.

Meta believes this technology is still useful in many cases, like assisting in regaining access to locked accounts. However, the approach shows that the company is starting to put more emphasis on user privacy.

Late last month, the Facebook company decided to change its name to Meta. The new name reflects CEO Zuckerberg’s ambition to expand from a mere social network to a virtual space company. Changes to the Facebook platform are not yet clear, but virtual and augmented reality will be the vision and focus of the company’s development going forward.

Nhu Phuc (follow Business Insider)

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