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EVGO A electric motorcycle uses LED lighting, TFT screen clock, design inspired by Vespa series, equipped with Bosch engine.

EVGO A is the latest electric motorcycle model of Son Ha brand. Previously, this company introduced to the market two other models, EVGO C and EVGO D at the end of last year.

Son Ha’s latest electric car model has Italian style, designed as a “mini Vespa”, with lines aimed at young customers. The car has 5 color options according to user preferences such as: red, champagne, azure blue, pearl white and diamond gray.

“The majority of people who use electric motorbikes are young people, and there are increasingly higher requirements for vehicle quality, affordable prices and trendy designs. Personality and personal style are focused on them. investment,” said Hai Nam, an electric motorcycle shop owner with five years of business in Hanoi.

5 colors of EVGO A car.

5 colors of EVGO A car.

The representative of the company said that EVGO A uses a unique LED body light strip. The system of lights, turn signals and full-LED taillights is modern, helping to illuminate the whole car’s vision, which may not dazzle the opposite person. LCD clock face with liquid crystal TFT panel, with display of operating status functions. The trunk is improved by the company more widely than the previous version with a capacity of 20 liters. Smart foot switch with convenient press mechanism.

A representative of Son Ha said that this model is equipped with a Bosch engine, with a capacity of up to 1,500 W, at a maximum speed of less than 50 km / h, the car can travel up to 75 km for each full charge from 8 to 8 minutes. 10 o’clock. “An electric motorbike must first be beautiful, give me a sense of confidence. Then, the engine must be strong, durable and capable of traveling long distances,” said Quynh Chi (Hai Phong), owner of Son Ha’s EVGO line said.

Ecooter EH1 electric scooter.

Ecooter EH1 electric scooter.

Along with EVGO A, Son Ha will launch some new electric vehicle models in November such as Ecooter ET1, EH1… aimed at young customers. Ecooter ET1 has a maximum speed of 50 km / h, a maximum capacity of 2,000 W. Meanwhile, the Ecooter EH1 has a maximum speed of 70 km / h, a maximum capacity of 2,500 W. These two models are equipped with LED screen applying automatic light sensing technology, high-class tire system, convenient USB charging…

Electric motorbikes are one of the popular trends among young people in Vietnam. With the advantages of green cars, no engine noise, no emissions and many stylish designs… this model has certain advantages compared to traditional petrol motorbikes, suitable for when users often travel move in the inner city.

Ecooter ET1 electric scooter.

Ecooter ET1 electric scooter.

With the foundation of developing the renewable energy industry, Son Ha Group is aiming to create a green and complete ecosystem for each Vietnamese family. Previously, the FreeSolar rooftop solar power product of this enterprise has “greened” millions of Vietnamese roofs, and Thai Duong Nang’s product is holding the leading position in the market.

EVGO electric motorbike is the next product, which is expected to create a sustainable green ecosystem of Son Ha in Vietnam.

Tuan Vu (Photo: Son Ha)

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