Female student wins vaccine lottery 730,000 USD

AustraliaChinese student Joanne Zhu in Sydney said she would buy gifts for her family and invest after winning the vaccine lottery more than 730,000 USD.

Joanne Zhu, 25, was one of 2,744,974 people in Australia who signed up to participate in the Covid-19 vaccine lottery and was lucky to win a prize of A million Australian dollars (more than 730,000 USD) last weekend.

“Am I dreaming? Is this true? It’s unbelievable,” Zhu said of the bonus, adding that part of the money will be spent to take his family in China to enjoy a luxury vacation in China. abroad on the occasion of the Lunar New Year, if there are no restrictions on entry.

“I will buy gifts for my family and invest the rest so that I can make more money in the future,” she added.

Joanne Zhu won a million Australian dollars in vaccine lottery.  Photo: 7News.

Joanne Zhu won a million Australian dollars in the vaccine lottery last weekend. Photo: 7News.

The One Million Dollar Vaccine Lottery campaign was launched by the Million Dollar Vax Alliance, a group of philanthropists and corporations, to boost Australia’s vaccination rate past 80 per cent. Australia hit this target late last week.

“The people behind us are incredibly proud of the campaign’s accomplishments. It’s great to find a winner. It’s priceless to hear their reactions!”, Craig Winkler of The Lottery Campaign Number of Vaccines One million dollars, share.

Australia currently records more than 184,000 infections and more than 1,800 deaths from Covid-19.

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