Former Chairman of Tra Vinh City and his deputy ’caused 69 billion VND in damage’

Mr. Diep Van Thanh, former Chairman of Tra Vinh City People’s Committee, and his deputy were accused of signing 313 documents on illegal land use fee exemption and reduction, causing more than 69 billion VND in damage.

Mr. Thanh (52 years old) and Tran Truong Son (45 years old, former vice chairman of Tra Vinh City People’s Committee) and 15 other people are expected to be tried by the People’s Court of Tra Vinh province. Violation of regulations on management of state assets, causing loss and waste under Clause 3, Article 219 of the Penal Code, on November 19-29.

According to the indictment, from 2009 to August 2018, Mr. Thanh and Son, as leaders of Tra Vinh City, directed their subordinates to implement a policy of supporting people with meritorious services to the revolution to improve housing by transferring land use purposes and land use levy exemption or reduction.

According to Decision 118 of the Government, Circular 30 of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the consideration of supporting people with meritorious services to improve their houses must be based on the recommendations of the People’s Committees of the ward, commune or town where that person resides. These recommendations must be re-verified by the People’s Committees of districts and cities before submitting them to the provincial and municipal levels for decision. At the same time, the application for change of land use purpose must include a record of field verification and a record of actual land allocation.

However, Mr. Thanh signed two official documents requesting to ignore the content of the recommendations of the ward, commune and township authorities and verify again from his superiors.

Former Chairman of Tra Vinh City People's Committee (2nd) and the defendants in court earlier this month.  Photo: Minh Tuyen

The defendants in the previous court appearance. Photo: Minh Tuyen

Taking advantage of this directive, many “land agents” seek out policy families to carry out procedures for contracts to transfer or donate land. They then legalize the application to change the use purpose into residential land to receive exemption or reduction of land use fees from 65% to 100%.

After being granted the certificate of residential land use right, the broker and the landowner require the policy families to make a contract to transfer it back to the old owner or sell it to someone else’s name, so as not to have to pay the transfer fee. intended use.

The investigating agency determined that, from 2014 to 2016, Mr. Thanh chaired many briefings with the Department of Natural Resources and Environment. The cadres commented, reflecting the situation that many people took advantage of State policies, the difficult situation of families with meritorious services to the revolution, to make false records to make profit. However, Mr. Thanh still did not ask for verification and reported to the province, but continued to direct the implementation of the instructions in the official letter he signed incorrectly, “when the policy family and the landowner have disputes, complaints then solve it”.

Taking advantage of this, Ly Kien Trung, Nguyen Trong Nghia and a number of officials from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment hooked up with brokers and land owners to negotiate with policy families to make false records, legalizing the work. change the purpose of land use for benefits. At the same time, these defendants appraised and advised leaders to sign hundreds of illegal documents.

In total, Mr. Thanh and Mr. Son signed the decision to change the land use purpose and exempt or reduce the land use fee for 704 applications, with an amount of nearly 120 billion VND. In which, there are 313 wrong application for exemption or reduction, causing damage to the State more than 69 billion VND.

In August 2019, Mr. Thanh and Son and many officials of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment were arrested.

In early November, the People’s Court of Tra Vinh province brought the case to trial, but many of the defendants’ lawyers and those with related rights and obligations were absent, so the trial was adjourned.


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