He’s less enthusiastic even though we’re not officially in love yet

I’m 26 years old, I’ve never loved anyone, I like the opposite sex, but when they chase me, I’m scared. I’m getting to know a guy via chat, he often takes the initiative to contact.

Being single, I also wanted to see if there was a chance. At first, he enthusiastically texted me all day, I didn’t reply from time to time because I thought it wouldn’t be devalued. Every day he asked me if I had come home from work to make an appointment. After many rejections, we also had a light coffee evening. My first impression was that he was thoughtful, caring about the smallest things that I didn’t even realize, so I was a little moved. After that we had a lot of fun.

Lately, he seems to have lost his enthusiasm, so I will also keep quiet. Then the curious nature aroused, when I asked, he said he was busy with work, often losing sleep, worrying. I can only encourage him, I don’t know what to do other than that. One day, I texted him but didn’t reply until the next day. I decided not to care about this relationship anymore, left an end message and deleted the friend. He apologized again and told me about his current job, which is not good and under pressure. I hope I can sympathize during this period.

With a girl with self-respect and sensitivity, I seem to be disappointed by his change, even though his reasons are acceptable. Now I wonder, should I continue to wait or let go of this relationship that has not yet begun? Please everyone share.


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