High-speed test car with penetrating tires

AmericaTire company Goodyear has developed a non-inflatable tire for electric vehicles with the intention of launching commercial products from 2030.

Electric car test run with airless tires

Video: Motorsport

The tubeless, non-inflatable tire model was tested on the Tesla Model 3 electric vehicle. According to Goodyear, the sedan successfully performed the test at speeds up to 88 km/h.

Just watching the video is difficult to judge accurately, according to Motor1, but it seems that the electric car is quite difficult, especially when it has to change direction quickly.

Car tires do not need to be inflated.  Photo: Goodyear

Car tires do not need to be inflated. Photo: Goodyear

Airless tires promise safer, very low maintenance, more durable and more environmentally friendly than traditional tyres. However, production remains a challenge. More research and development will be needed before this product can enter commercial production.

Michelin airless tires.  Photo: Michelin

Michelin airless tires. Photo: Michelin

In 2005, from the concept of puncture-resistant tires, French tire company Michelin began to develop and in 2019, launched the first product with a similar design of Goodyear. The tire construction combines aluminum rims and a flexible bearing structure made of glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). According to Michelin, this design has the same performance as conventional tires and is expected to be on the market in 2024.

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