How to arrange hammock in the apartment

With apartments, homeowners can make use of the ceiling, walls or transform the hammock into a hanging chair, swing…

Hammock is associated with the childhood of many Vietnamese people, reminiscent of the feeling of peace and relaxation. Compared to real estate, the arrangement of hammocks in apartments is more difficult, but there are ways. A simple solution is to take advantage of the balcony ceiling.

Inside the apartment, homeowners can hang a hammock in the living room by taking advantage of the corner of the wall. Note, the hammock placement should be near the window, easy to see outside and in contact with nature.

A hammock in the kitchen with a window is also a good option. Don’t forget to add plants to turn the hammock into a place to relax.

To keep the house tidy and spacious, the homeowner should put a hammock hanger on the wall, through the cabinet system.

You can also design a small corner in the middle of the cabinet to hide the hammock hanger. When not in use, the homeowner just needs to remove one of the hooks and store them in the closet.

Another solution for homeowners who like hammocks is to turn the hammock into a hanging chair.

By hooking onto the ceiling rail, the hammock looks neater and saves space.

Homeowners can choose striking colors such as red for the hammock to make it a highlight.

If you don’t like to choose a floating color, please refer to the hammock styles. They will bring modernity to the space and impress the guests who visit the house.

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