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Husband married 5 times in 19 years of marriage

I have been married for 19 years, wholeheartedly devoted to my husband and in-laws, yet he considers my love as a joke.

He has a flirtatious nature, so he cheated on me five times. The first four times, there were many reasons for me to forgive, for example, because I had a small child, so I didn’t care about my husband, the North and the South… People often say “too three times busy” then quit, I love my children. should grit his teeth and endure, the pain smoldering in his heart.

Then my husband and I were close, I cared and gave him more love; yet he still suffers from that disability, falling in love with a prostitute makes me seriously hurt. My son is about to graduate, I had to swallow my tears to keep my family warm and give him peace of mind for the graduation exam. My husband begged me to forgive him, I gave him another chance, but many nights he couldn’t sleep. I told myself to forget about that bad thing, but it kept hovering in my head.

I asked for a divorce, my husband did not agree, and used force against my parents and children. I did not talk about the divorce, the family tension was relieved, but the woman’s hunch showed that he was still hiding something from me. If my husband is not honest with me, what is the use of forgiveness? Should I risk everything to divorce my husband and free myself? The children are all grown up, they must have known right and wrong, I am no longer entangled with children. What should be done now?


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