I fasted my sister-in-law to keep the family peace

I am the author of the article: “Sister-in-law makes me suffer a lot of heartache”. Many readers say that I am selfish, childish, unworthy to be a teacher, and stay at my husband’s house without knowing anything.

I would like to be specific so that everyone can understand.

The first: Her husband’s way of speaking is very difficult to hear, often shouting, harsh. For example, the sentence: “It’s okay” is often accompanied by a glare or a glare.

Second: When my sister-in-law comes to my house to eat, she plays with the phone, does not assist in serving rice, nor does she help store leftovers. Sometimes when eating with a large number of people, I have to use mats, she also let me clean up, bring some mats to the rooftop to store and then come down to sweep the floor. And she still sat still, “chilling” in the sky and under the sea.

Tuesday: I stay with my mother-in-law because I love her. Before getting married, I went to tutoring and then tutoring, accumulated more than 300 million VND and bought a small piece of land in the countryside.

Wednesday: Going back to my hometown on the occasion of having a table has been 4-5 times already, not only two trays but sometimes up to four trays, pots and pans stacked. When she finished eating, she called her son, busy playing with her children to avoid washing dishes, leaving me to do it alone (while the baby could completely play with his father and siblings). If you were in my position, what would you do? I admit that I am cowardly, do not dare to speak directly to my sister-in-law, I hold back many times to keep the peace.


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