I want my parents to divorce

The 17-year-old son was born in a family that had money to eat but didn’t have a good father.

My mother told me that I was a bookworm and could only study. Dad is the first love in life, so the mother always gets married despite the family’s disapproval. Married for a month, his father revealed his bad character, making excuses for work, so he got drunk every night and came home to beat his mother. At that time, she was still living with her grandparents, her mother was beaten to the point of bleeding, screaming loudly, but no one cared. Dad beat her and then left, she had to call a friend to take her to the hospital.

Parents were married for a few years before having children, then perhaps it was too hard, so my mother divorced. At that time, the mother’s family background was much higher than the father’s, so he won custody of the children and did not take anything away. The grandmother and the uncles over there came to work to disturb her mother, and also bothered her maternal grandparents and siblings. I don’t want my father to visit me at home (your mother lives in a motel alone), and then because of work, I asked someone else to take care of me, so I took that opportunity to take care of me. I saw that every time my father came back, I ran after him, so I loved it so much that I decided to come back.

Three patriarchs and brutes, maybe that’s why I’m more mature than you. From the moment I could realize the fact that I saw my father drinking every night and then coming back to beat my mother, I was shy and could only cry in the corner and then look at my mother. That memory is etched in my mind to this day.

The year my younger brother was born, much older than me, my father was a bit softer, but that doesn’t mean he’s like a normal person, it’s just that he has fewer spankings, less retorts for absurdities. In those first years of primary school, I still couldn’t speak and stop to protect my mother. New Year’s dad doesn’t go to work, it’s also the time when I don’t want to be at home the most. After that, my father settled down at work and stayed at home every day, making me somewhat emotionally numb. His father was wholeheartedly devoted to outsiders, but very bad towards his wife and children, thinking backward. After a few hours of drinking, my father got sick again, beat and scolded his mother. At that time, I knew how to protect my mother and prevent my father from hitting me.

Now I’m 17 years old, next year I’m going to university. I knew I needed to focus on my studies now and did. If you want to study well, you need a heart without sadness. How many times have I told you to break up with your father, but you did not agree. I feel disoriented, miserable and don’t know what to do for the future. I need to hear from everyone. Thank you very much, ladies and gentlemen.


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