I will be the support for ‘sister’ and children

I love! Maybe this is the first time I hear sweet words after 32 years of living together.

It’s also true because I’m three years older than you, right from the beginning we called “sisters” and changed to calling names when we both fell in love. We met and fell in love on this land of Eastern Europe after many years of building up with the sweet memories and affections of the expatriates, including the ups and downs in life in a foreign country. not you?

It’s strange to say that day, isn’t it, a rural youth from Quang Nam who dared to miss his sister Ha Thanh. Then our feelings grow bigger and bigger, our heart beats sobbing when we look at each other. The day we returned to Vietnam to introduce our family was also the saddest day because your mother dared ask another girl for you, that was the child of her best friend. You took the suitcase to leave, I felt helpless, I could only keep an eye on your every step. Then he rejected the strange girl and talked to his mother for a month, and she declared: “If you don’t marry that girl, I will give up my only son”. I cried a lot with my mother and missed you so much.

One day, seeing his mother happy, he said quickly: “If I can’t marry the person I love, I won’t marry anyone”. Indeed, the day he left, his mother did not say a word, just looked at him and shed tears. Back in a foreign country, you and I live our days of love and happiness, even though we don’t have betel nut candles and candles to burn incense for our ancestors, no wedding dress, no wedding rings, no congratulatory relatives; Maybe it’s just the love and care of the two of them growing bigger and bigger.

Then happiness broke out when Bich Phuong, our wine daughter, was born, also the day her mother called to congratulate and forgive him everything. Although you are still in pain and tired, but looking at the tears that fall, I guess you are also happy. Since having children, it has become more difficult, both taking care of them and taking care of the family. You’ve become thinner, I feel sorry for you when you see it; I still smile as a matter of course.

Then, the second son, Manh Tuan, was born in the congratulations of his paternal grandparents, his shoulders became even more burdensome. When I was only three months old, I was in a hurry to do business, from food to clothes I gave everything to my husband and children without caring about myself. I sacrificed everything to make my husband and children as happy as possible, while he was rude, did not know how to flatter or show sweet love even though he really loved me.

I love! Even if people call you ugly or old, you are still the most beautiful and cutest to your father and son. She is wholeheartedly devoted to her husband and children, an iron-clad loyalty, the crisp and polite laughter of the children also follows her hand growing day by day, relatives on both sides praise her as a filial daughter-in-law. , know how to treat people, balance both sides. Looking at the intricate incisions in the wrinkles on your belly to give birth to two complete children, I feel even more pity and love for you. Although I don’t say it, in my heart I always appreciate and thank you for your silent sacrifice, who has built a small and warm family that is increasingly warm and happy.

Dear wife, I know that our lives are still very difficult, the children will have to spend a lot of money on their studies, your headache is also getting worse with age. He vows to improve himself, to try harder in many areas to be a solid support for mother and daughter.

Huu Huong

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