iPhone ‘customized’ USB-C port is auctioned for $ 100,000

The iPhone X built by a Swiss engineer with a USB-C port has been auctioned on eBay and is currently attracting great interest.

Ken Pillone changed the Lighting port to USB-C for his iPhone X and auctioned it on eBay with a starting price of 5,000 USD (113.4 million VND). After more than a day of appearance, the device attracted 173 auction participants and the highest paid amount was 100,100 USD (nearly 2.3 billion VND). This number is expected to continue to increase, as the auction period is still 6 days.

Pillone auctioned the device as the world's first iPhone with a USB-C port on eBay.

Pillone auctioned the device as “the world’s first iPhone with a USB-C port” on eBay.

“I was very surprised,” Pillone told Business Insider. “I think the reason why the device is so attractive is that there are no previous iPhones with USB-C for sale. Collectors will be interested and see it as an investment.”

In mid-October, Pillone posted a video of the process of “tuning” the USB-C port for iPhone X on YouTube and received great attention.

iPhone X 'customized' USB-C port sold at auction for $ 100,000

iPhone X uses Pillone’s USB-C port.

The fabrication of the USB-C port for the iPhone has been made by this technician since May and gradually improved. Initially, he customized the C94 board that Apple was using to control the Lightning port for the iPhone, by reversing the corresponding connection circuits for the USB-C port. Then, because he found this method quite complicated and time-consuming, he created his own flexible PCB board and completed it in early October.

Pillone’s iPhone X can charge through the new port with the MacBook’s charger. He said this port can also transmit data, but the speed is slow.

Apple is currently the only major phone company to remain faithful to the Lightning port, while other companies have switched to USB-C. However, the company may be forced to change to a new standard in the near future, after the European Commission announced a plan to require electronic devices sold in this market to share a connection port to reduce waste. electronics and environmental protection.

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