Israel strikes Syria

The Israeli Air Force hit targets in central and western Syria, injuring two soldiers and causing some damage.

“The air strike that happened on the evening of November 8 targeted several targets in the central and coastal areas. The Syrian air defense forces responded and shot down a number of enemy missiles. The attack caused two soldiers to die. soldiers were injured and caused some material damage,” Syrian state news agency SANA reported.

The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) said the strike targeted an area near a military airport in Homs province. The site of the airstrike has many guard posts of the Syrian government army and pro-Iran militia groups also deployed here. The SOHR said that Syrian air defenses shot down at least four Israeli missiles.

Israel strikes Syria

Syrian air defense shot down an Israeli missile in an air strike on November 8. Video: Twitter/syria_rd.

The Israeli Defense Ministry has not commented on the information.

Israel regularly strikes many areas in Syria, including the capital Damascus. The targets of airstrikes are usually pro-Iranian militias and Lebanon’s Hezbollah, but sometimes Syrian army units are also attacked. Tel Aviv has claimed to have carried out hundreds of attacks since 2011 to prevent pro-Iranian forces stationed in the neighboring country.

The Hezbollah militia and Iran’s Revolutionary Guards advisers are important allies of the Syrian government army in the fight against the Islamist rebels. However, Israel accuses Hezbollah of using its base in Syria as a springboard to attack the Tel Aviv-controlled Golan Heights.

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