Japanese coach: ‘Nothing but three points against Vietnam’

HanoiDifficulty in the preparation process, but coach Hajime Moriyasu confirmed that Japan will win against Vietnam in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

Coach Moriyasu pondered during the training session of the Japanese team at Hang Day Stadium, Hanoi on the evening of 9/11.  Photo: Lam Thoa

Coach Moriyasu during a Japanese practice session at Hang Day Stadium, on the evening of November 9. Photo: Lam Tho

– What do you think about the match against Vietnam tomorrow?

This is going to be a tough match for sure. Japan has many players from different parts of the world to gather in Hanoi, but time is very limited. But we will try to be as focused as possible.

– What is your impression of the opponent?

– Vietnam has made rapid progress in recent years. They are a really quality and well organized team. I am very impressed with this team. Coach Park Hang-seo spends a lot of time working with the players, so they have improved significantly. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam is a very strong team.

– How do you predict the score of the match?

– Tomorrow’s match will be very difficult, because we have to play away. But Japan’s goal was none other than taking all three points.

– How is Japan preparing for this match?

– We had many meetings, discussed carefully with the players about the preparation options for the Vietnam match. In the first four matches, Japan did not achieve the desired results, but I saw that the players played well. What we’ve been doing lately is to learn from the previous matches, and at the same time try to build the best physical and tactical skills possible.

– The special planes of the Japanese team have to travel a very long way to Hanoi. How does this affect preparation?

– I cannot interfere with flight schedules of team members. But those long flights did not affect my decision when choosing tomorrow’s squad. The players are still in good physical condition. Of course, the fact that many people arrived late to the army meeting also created a bit of a disadvantage, because Japan would only have one training session with full troops. But we have to overcome this difficulty and move towards the positive, trying to find the best solution.

– How do you plan to use players from Europe for the next match?

– The group of Japanese players returning from Europe mostly played last Sunday. They also had days off. The selection of personnel will depend on the training session to get acquainted with the My Dinh field tonight. I will take a close look at each player’s condition, and make a final decision tomorrow.

Japanese coach: We want to get all three points against Vietnam - 1
Japanese coach: We want to get all three points against Vietnam - 2

Nhan Dat – Lam Tho

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