Kim Duyen will wear ‘Banh Tet’ dress at Miss Universe

Kim Duyen chose a national costume inspired by tet cake – a specialty of her western homeland – at Miss Universe.

Costume designed by Khoa Lo – designer Cocoon Em for Khanh Van at Miss Universe 2020 – done. The organizers said that they have just drawn up the drawings, the costumes are being completed and will be released to the audience in the near future.

Designed with two main colors green and purple, helping the representative of Vietnam to respect the figure. While Kim Duyen poses, the pattern of slices of banh tet will unfold, creating a visual effect.

Kim Duyen said she was eager to wear a design with Western colors and culture. She said: “Banh tet is an indispensable dish of my family both on weekdays and on New Year’s Day. The Can Tho people in my hometown have cleverly created new colors and flavors for traditional cakes, such as banh tet. salted egg custard leaves with eye-catching purple-yellow-orange color”. The beauty wants to tell stories about where she was born and raised with friends and international media.

The drawing of Banh Tet was selected as the national costume of Kim Duyen at Miss Universe.

The drawing “Banh tet” was selected as the national costume of Kim Duyen at Miss Universe. Photo: Unimedia

Stylist Tran Dat – in charge of the image for Kim Duyen at Miss Universe 2021 – and the team agreed that they did not prepare costumes as large as Khanh Van last year. The organizers also suggest that the representatives carry their luggage neatly because they have to move a lot. Tran Dat said: “I want to turn her into a woman who is confident, strong, but still simple, comfortable, culturally appropriate in Israel, where the competition takes place.”

Nguyen Huynh Kim Duyen was born in 1995, from Can Tho, 1.73 m tall, measuring three rounds 83-62-89 cm. The beauty who won the title of Miss Elegant Student at Southern Can Tho University 2016, Top 10 Miss Ao Dai Vietnam 2014. Kim Duyen attended a short course in Business Administration of Stamford Raffles University (Singapore) . She returned home to compete at Miss Universe Vietnam 2019, winning the 1st runner-up. After the contest, Kim Duyen mainly modeled and participated in community activities. The final round of Miss Universe 2021 will take place in the city of Eilat, Israel in December.

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