Lam Thanh Ha in a villa of 141 million USD

Hong KongActress Lam Thanh Ha lives in a super villa worth 1.1 billion HKD ($141.2 million) that her husband gave her.

By page Mingpao On 9/11, the 67-year-old actress was given a house by her husband – businessman Fig. Ly Nguyen – at Kowloon Peak. The villa integrates cinema, swimming pool, gym, library, four showrooms… Surrounding the house are mountains and green trees. From the house, she can enjoy the whole view of Hong Kong.

Corners of Lam Thanh Ha's super villa.  Photo: Weibo/Lin Qingxia

Corners of Lam Thanh Ha’s super villa. Photo: Weibo/Lin Qingxia

On her personal page, Lam Thanh Ha has posted pictures of the villa several times. She said one of her daily pleasures is watching birds and storks fly. Actors often climb mountains, enjoy the open air.

Lam Thanh Ha lives happily with her husband and children. Born on November 3, she posted on Weibo Photo of blowing out candles, many viewers noticed the diamond jewelry set including rings and earrings that she wore on a special day.

Lam Thanh Ha celebrates her birthday on November 3.  Photo: Weibo/Lin Qingxia

Lam Thanh Ha celebrates her birthday on November 3. Photo: Weibo/Lin Qingxia

The beauty married Khinh Ly Nguyen in 1994, and gave birth to two daughters in 1995 and 2000. The two daughters were named Hinh Ai Lam (meaning Hinh Ly Nguyen loves Lam Thanh Ha) and Hinh Ngon. Ai (implying that Figure Ly Nguyen still loves Lam Thanh Ha). The actor’s children are also pampered. By page On, Hinh Ai Lam’s birthday in 2016, the actor and his wife gave their children a mansion worth $14.7 million.

Both Lam Thanh Ha and Hinh Ly Nguyen keep their private lives private, rarely talking about each other. In 1994, Lam Thanh Ha only answered briefly when asked why he married a man who had passed his wife: “Because he respects and trusts me”.

Lam Thanh Ha's style on screen

Lam Thanh Ha’s style on screen. Video: Bilibili

Lam Thanh Ha was born in 1954, joined the entertainment industry at the age of 18 with the main role in the movie Foreigners – Adapted from the novel Quynh Dao. Over the past 20 years of filming, Lam Thanh Ha has participated in about 100 movies, including classics of the Chinese screen such as: Rolling on the ceiling, Arrogant Gypsy: Dong Phuong Bui Bai, White Phat female story, Loc Dinh Ky… The actor made a deep impression with his sharp look, half evil, half main in swordplay movies.

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