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Lan Ngoc shows off her figure with a tweed dress

Actress Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc pursues a classic look with tweed dresses, keeping her youthful features thanks to the way she dresses.

The beauty wore the designs in Do Manh Cuong’s Sixdo 2021 collection released on November 5. Tweed fabric is one of the favorite materials in the fall and winter because of its ability to retain heat well. With a tropical monsoon climate hot and humid, the designer said that the weave is custom-made with the right yarn ratio, to help the wearer be fashionable but still comfortable. The costumes this time have bright colors, expressing the message of positive energy and optimism after a long time of being affected by the epidemic.

Ninh Duong Lan Ngoc wears Sixdo's tweed dress

Video: Sixdo

Lan Ngoc wears a mint green skin-toned outfit. A-line skirt with moderate spread brings convenience to the wearer, but still ensures neatness. The actress coordinated a short coat dress, showing off her small waist.

Short, knee-length A-line dress with 1960s breath, suitable for all body shapes, white leather boots. The outfit creates accents in the small, eye-catching beaded borders without frills.

The actress used a bow tie necklace to create a classic, feminine look for the green dress.

Lan Ngoc combines pink outfits with red accessories, including a matching skirt with a crop top coat, high heels and a tufted handbag. Designed to be suitable for all occasions such as going to work, attending events, parties, meeting friends…

Suit skirt with long shirt, light waist for girls who want to conceal the second round. When going to a party, the girls add a big bow tie inside, large jewelry is impressive enough.

A tweed shirt combined with an ankle-length pleated skirt in bright red tones is the right choice for year-end parties.

The style of the decades is shown by Lan Ngoc with a vest and cullotes, accented with a metal chain belt – one of the favorite accessory trends from last year.

With a minimalist black outfit, she chose statement accessories including red gloves, large floral buttons at the neck to enhance the look.

For girls who do not have time to coordinate, calf-length one-piece skirts are a reasonable choice.

Makeup: Quan Nguyen, hairdo: Pu Le.

Y Ly (Photo: Milor Tran)

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