Leung Trieu Vy received a salary of more than 9 million USD

Hong Kong actor Leung Trieu Vy received a salary of 60 million yuan (nearly 9.4 million USD) for filming a new movie – “Anonymous”.

By page On On November 10, the 59-year-old actor was filming in Shanghai, China. Thanks to the positive reviews of experts and audiences from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, his salary increased when receiving a new project.

Actor Tony Leung.  Photo: On

Actor Tony Leung. Photo: On

Trieu Vy became the third highest paid actor of Chinese descent this year. The leader is Wu Jing with 80 million yuan ($12.5 million) in the movie Tan Ho School, followed by Hu Ge, with 65 million yuan ($10.1 million).

The source said that Leung Trieu Vy is likely to cooperate with Chau Tan in the movie Nameless. Spy genre work, set in Shanghai during World War II. The film also has the participation of young actor Vuong Nhat Bac. 14 years later Color Realm, Tony Leung acted in a movie set in Shanghai.

Excerpt from the movie 'Lust' 2007

Trieu Vy and Tang Wei in “Sacred World” (2007). Video: Haishang Film

Over the past year, Luong Trieu Vy’s work schedule has been busy. He collaborated with Nham Dat Hoa in a detective-themed film, reunited with Andy Lau in Golden Fingers. These two works are invested and produced by Anh Hoang company. In early 2022, Trieu Vy went to Canada to act in a TV series, marking his return to the series after 33 years of filming. Passenger Union of TVB.

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