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Moon, Saturn, Venus, Jupiter line up in the sky

Astronomy lovers around the world share photos of the rare moment when the Moon is aligned with Venus, Saturn, Jupiter in the night sky.

In order from left to right: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Moon.  Photo: Mark In SoCal/Twitter

In order from left to right: Jupiter, Saturn, Venus, Moon. Photo: Mark In SoCal/Twitter

The amazing astronomical phenomenon took place on the evening of November 8, attracting many photographers and astronomy lovers to point their lenses to the sky to observe. In the pictures, Jupiter is in the top left corner and Saturn is nearby. The Moon and Venus are closer together and are located at the right corner of the frame, closer to the horizon. Both celestial bodies appear to be in alignment with Jupiter and Saturn.

Earth’s natural satellite is currently in the early crescent phase of the month and appears to lie between Venus and Saturn in the night sky. According to NASA, in the coming days, the Moon will continue to approach and pass Saturn and Jupiter as we look up into the sky. On November 11, the Moon will be in a waning phase at the beginning of the month. The full moon phase will begin on November 19, but a day before that, the Moon will be partially obscured by Earth’s shadow during a partial lunar eclipse.

This partial lunar eclipse can be observed at various times in locations around the world, including the United States. Instead of being completely in darkness, the Moon will appear dark red because light from the Sun passes through the Earth’s atmosphere and is reflected back towards the Moon.

Gases in the atmosphere scatter more blue light than red light, according to the University of Rochester. In November and early December, Jupiter and Saturn will move closer to Venus. Venus is the second brightest natural object in the sky, after the Moon.

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