My wife and I choose to live for each other

I once had an article: “Ignore my wife’s shortcomings for a peaceful life”, I would like to share more with you about my wife’s situation.

Last season of the Covid epidemic, my wife and I were both unemployed and without salary, but we always encouraged each other to overcome difficulties. The wife is still the same, nagging and brooding when thinking about food, still scolding her son for being too disruptive, or checking if her husband has any girls outside, blushing when her husband accidentally compliments someone pretty. I am still a place for my wife to vent all her troubles. I am not too good at making money, my wife is still encouraging and beside me. My mother still says that she is not an excellent bride, but when viewed with more tolerant eyes, the line between excellent and not-so-excellent is no longer there.

Everyone only lives once and my wife and I have chosen to live for each other, for the future life. Maybe financially, my wife and I will never be rich, but the emotional bank is not lacking. This bank does not lend love, the interest rate is very high, so the years will add more. Maybe my wife is still the president of this bank because my mother, husband and children voted for me, only I deserve it. I’m not upset when my wife is jealous even though sometimes it’s a bit unreasonable, I’m not bored when I hear my wife nagging about her husband and children. What I fear is that my wife will stop being jealous, stop nagging…, then she will stop loving my father and children.

Now we go back to work, after the rain the sun shines again. We try to work to pay the mortgage, take care of the family together, so we are happy. This morning accidentally read my wife’s diary, she still recorded my confession five years ago, the corners of my eyes were stinging: “I just want to calmly lead you by the hand in the middle of the world”. It’s been five years since the day I fell in love, I’m learning more how to love my wife’s hardships, ignore it and live; so it’s a bit difficult for my wife to stop loving me. Hope your wife can read this, my 1m50 wife.


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