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Over 10 years of living together, I am not sure about my husband

Lately I’ve been having strange thoughts about my husband that I can’t get out of my head.

My husband and I have been married for 11 years, I have never seen him show any signs of adultery. The first ten years after the wedding, the economy was still difficult, the husband and wife went to work to shoulder the economic burden. I earn less than my husband, but I take care of the housework and children; He works harder, earns more, but rarely has to take care of the housework. This year, after buying a house, car, and basic expenses in the house, he now takes care of my income, he didn’t ask about my income. I also made it clear that you take care of spending, I still have money, when my family has a job to use, I don’t take it anywhere.

My husband is quite pampering his wife and children, everything in the house is according to my wishes, he rarely interferes. There are some things I can’t forget and feel insecure about:

First story: Mother-in-law lives with my husband and I, she suits me better than him, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law have not had a “heavy face” with each other. He and his mother kept sparring even though I knew that she still loved and pampered her son very much; I also know that he loves his mother but rarely shows it. A few years ago, one morning she woke up and said that her eyes were swollen and painful and wanted to go to the doctor. He complained that he couldn’t go, so I took my son to the office after finishing school to ask for a leave and then returned to take her away, that day she had to be hospitalized and had an urgent eye surgery.

The sisters-in-law in the countryside did not come down, I stayed at the hospital with her, sometimes running back and forth to get things or going back to the office to do things that no one else could do. After a week she was discharged from the hospital. It is worth mentioning that from the time she was admitted to the hospital until she returned home, her husband gave me money for the hospital but did not visit my mother once, only texted me to inquire about the situation, nor called her. She felt sorry for herself, told me many times. I encouraged her that he must be busy, and the two children at home were left to him to look after, and then the normal work would also go dark. She said that when she returned home, her son did not ask any questions. I find it strange.

Her mother-in-law was discharged from the hospital but still had to come back for a check-up a few times, he did not take her away once. Then one time she slipped and broke her arm, so I took her to a cast. She was like that, so life was a bit difficult, sometimes he was even angry because she asked her to fasten the shirt. I do not understand. Then he went out to spend money very freely, when she came home, she asked for money, almost he grumbled; Later, she told me about money and money, but didn’t want to mess with him. I had the thought that his birth mother worked hard, raised food alone for many years, my father-in-law died when he was a child, he loved his mother, but when she was sick, she treated him strangely, what if I had If you are sick, what will you do? Really, I can’t be sure.

2nd story: Sometimes I talk that this person is rich, gets a beautiful wife, then this man has a lot of money to pair with this and that. I have a hunch that he is not married now just because he is not rich, at some point, having a boyfriend is inevitable? At that time, the family will definitely fall apart because I cannot forgive my husband’s adultery.

Another thing that is unacceptable is that when married, you often ask me for a second wife, half jokingly, sometimes even having strange ideas about sex. Normally when I ask him again, he said jokingly, saying that to add more feeling. I still think that these spontaneous words of her husband are his true thoughts. Currently, he is a good husband, responsible for his family, has not shown any signs of being unfaithful, but beyond the above stories, I still can’t be assured of him, not fully trusting him.

I made a plan to save money by myself so that if I got sick and he had this attitude, I could still take the initiative. I even have the idea of ​​saving money so that one day he has someone else, I can break up and raise my own children without being shocked mentally as well as being financially proactive. Am I thinking too much?


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