Parents plan to struggle at the age of 60 when Nam advances

My parents forgot to eat, forgot to rest, only worked as a farmer, but also had the capital and took care of their children’s education.

We are four brothers born into a farming family in the Central region. Our childhood was forged more fiercely than other children, but we were not poor. The three of us had our own families; job, decent and stable home in Saigon. Another brother is studying abroad with scholarship money and his parents take care of him. My parents are no longer young to be farming as before, but they still have enough to eat and I provide them with five million a month.

It is a reality that parents are facing a lonely life, without loved ones at home. Parents plan to move to the South to live. This makes us brothers very excited and happy. However, the parents refused to live with any of our children. The intention of the parents is to collect all the capital of about one billion dong, mortgage the house in the countryside and then borrow another 500 million dong from the bank to buy a small plot of land in this suburb. The debt amount of 500 million dong, when they go to the south, they will work as a janitor, guard or trade in the market to earn and then pay it off.

This worries me when my parents make such a big decision at the age of almost 60. My brother and I have cars but are not rich enough to spend a large sum of money for grandparents to buy land. Also, I don’t want to be shy with my husband when it comes to bringing money to my grandmother’s family; the same goes for the other brothers, they are also afraid of their wives and children. I can’t bear to let my parents struggle at this age and carry the debt. Parents’ houses in the countryside are worth about 2-3 billion dong, sold out to buy an apartment near their children is very comfortable; However, parents also want to leave a way back to their room when it is not suitable to live in the South. Hope you guys can help me and my family make a better decision.


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