Popular electric car brands in China

In the field of electric vehicles, customers in the world’s most populous country choose BYD as their most preferred brand.

According to a survey by Berstein – a branch of research firm AllianceBernstein, the US – domestic brand BYD is the most preferred by Chinese customers in the field of electric vehicles. In second place is American car brand Tesla, and third is Volkswagen from Germany.

Compared to Tesla, BYD has a special advantage: it makes its own batteries and chips, which means it creates a protective barrier against the disruption of the global supply chain in recent times.

Han - the main electric car model of the BYD brand.  Photo: BYD

Han – the main electric car model of the BYD brand. Photo: BYD

The above results are obtained from a survey conducted in the third quarter of each year, from 1,600 people. The majority of participants live in China’s major cities, with an average age of 32 and a median monthly income of $2,970.

Nearly half of the participants said they would consider buying an electric car in their next car purchase. The report from the survey also shows that customer priorities are often low operating costs, better driving experience and environmental friendliness.

The intention to buy an electric car from a Chinese startup like Nio or Xpeng in this year’s survey nearly doubled, reaching 9.5% from 5% last year.

Chinese startups also top the premium segment in the electric vehicle market, where prices are as low as $23,500. Next comes Tesla, then the German brands.

However, if the whole market is taken into account, German luxury carmakers are at the top, followed by Japanese brands including Toyota, Honda and Nissan, followed by Chinese brands BYD and Geely.

China is the world’s largest auto market and many European automakers are trying to penetrate the trend of accelerating electric vehicle development. Volkswagen’s sales in China alone account for about 41 percent of its total global sales, according to Goldman Sachs.

China is also Porsche’s biggest market, with a growth of 11% in the first three quarters of this year compared to the same period in 2020. Also in the first nine months, the German luxury brand said the electric Taycan oversold its model. Its flagship sport is the 911.

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