Quiz: Try to deduce the murder case without injury

You guess the cause of death of the victim in the hospital when you know the weapon is a pair of scissors.

Question 1: A 70-year-old woman who was a patient on a breathing tube was murdered in the hospital. The weapon was identified as scissors. However, there were no stab wounds or cuts on the victim’s body, nor was there a single trace of blood on his body or around the room. The scene showed that there was no struggle between the victim and the perpetrator.

How did the perpetrator kill the victim?


Verse 2: Mr. Carter is a famous writer, in the middle of writing a new book in his office, engrossed in the time. Suddenly discovered that he had worked all night, Mr. Carter tiredly went upstairs to bed. But just as he stepped up the stairs, he heard a noise behind him. Before he could turn around, he was hit in the head. The maid discovered the boss fainted on the floor and immediately called an ambulance to take him to the hospital.

The police asked the three people at the house what they were doing between last night and this morning. The chef said cleaning in the kitchen until late at night and then went to bed but didn’t hear anything. The maid was drying clothes when she heard a strange noise, but when she checked, she found nothing out of the ordinary. Jamie, Carter’s son, said the last time he saw his father was in the living room last night, he was busy composing so he decided not to disturb.

Can you guess who attacked Mr. Carter?

Quiz: Try to deduce the murder case without injury


Question 3: Josh is a rich and successful businessman. He was on a business trip and stayed at a large hotel. In the afternoon, Josh took advantage of a nap before attending the dinner party. While sleeping, Josh heard a knock on the door. He woke up to find a strange man walking in and saying: “Sorry, I got the wrong room. I thought this was my room”.

Then the strange man walked out of the room. Josh suddenly remembered he forgot to lock the door. He locked the door and was about to sleep again. Suddenly, a flash of thought made Josh jump up in panic, call the hotel security to report a thief breaking in.

What made Josh suspect the other man was a thief?


Question 4: The gym owner discovered coach Dylan lying on the floor, someone hit his head. The owner of the gym called the police. After questioning the staff and those who attended the practice, the police identified three suspects.

Chloe, Dylan’s customer, said that in the past few days she did not come to practice because she went to the beach to rest and sunbathe. Ethan, Dylan’s co-worker, said he had left the practice room before Dylan arrived because of urgent business. Layla, Dylan’s girlfriend, admitted to arguing with him early in the morning. Then, she arranged to meet her best friend to talk.

Can you guess who attacked Dylan?

Quiz: Try to deduce the murder case without injury - 1


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