Recovering the ‘false raise’ money in the case at Bach Mai Hospital

HanoiThe Ministry of Public Security has recovered more than 10.5 billion dong from 637 brain surgeries at Bach Mai Hospital, looking for related patients.

The notice was issued by the Investigation Police Agency (Ministry of Public Security) on November 10 while the case was Abuse of positions and powers while performing official duties occurred at Bach Mai Hospital and related units are in the prosecution stage.

The Ministry of Public Security recommends that the patient or the patient’s family contact the investigating agency or the agency conducting the proceedings to receive back the difference of more than 16.5 million VND per surgery.

The investigation results determined that in 2017-2020, Bach Mai Hospital used the Rosa robot system to perform brain surgery for 2 free cases, 637 cases of service charge. However, there were mistakes in the implementation process, causing patients to have to pay more than 16.5 million VND for treatment per case.

Robot Rosa was used once in 2017. Photo: Bach Mai Hospital

Robot Rosa in one use in 2017. Photo: Bach Mai Hospital

Compared with this violation, the Supreme People’s Procuracy prosecuted Mr. Nguyen Quoc Anh (former director of Bach Mai Hospital), Nguyen Ngoc Hien (former deputy director of Bach Mai Hospital) and 6 people for the same crime. Taking advantage of positions and powers while performing official duties, according to article 356 of the Penal Code.

According to the allegation, in 2016, the director of BMS Medical Technology Company came to see Mr. Quoc Anh to offer the Rosa robot to support surgery for 39 billion VND and the Mako robot for 44 billion VND. Mr. Quoc Anh disagreed with the reason that the procedure was complicated, but later agreed that BMS would enter into a joint venture with Bach Mai Hospital to install a surgical support robot. Prices are set by the Director of BMS.

Mr. Quoc Anh was determined to have arbitrarily signed the contract even though there was no agreement between the Board of Directors, the Party Committee and Trade Union. He did not inform the price, the joint venture unit to the Scientific and Ethical Council of Bach Mai Hospital

Defendant Nguyen Quoc Anh: Photo: Ministry of Public Security

Defendant Nguyen Quoc Anh: Photo: Police

The indictment determined that Rosa robot, newly imported from France, cost 7.4 billion VND, including tax. Thus, this device was raised to more than 31 billion. Mr. Quoc Anh in the role of Bach Mai director issued the service price of Rosa robot at 36 million VND/surgery, of which BMS Company received more than 27 million VND including depreciation expenses and loan interest.

In total, the hospital used Rosa robot to operate 637 cases. The defendants’ behavior increased treatment costs, causing more than 10.5 billion VND in damage to patients.

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