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Robots automatically deliver vaccines without needles

CanadaThe Cobi robot uses a flexible robotic arm to deliver vaccines in the form of a high-pressure liquid jet into a human’s upper arm through a tiny hole the size of a hair.

Cobi robot makes vaccine delivery faster.  Photo: University of Waterloo

Cobi robot is capable of automatic vaccine delivery. Photo: University of Waterloo

Startup Canadia Cobionix, a company of the University of Waterloo, has developed a new automated robot called Cobi to help speed up the Covid-19 vaccination process. New Atlas on 4/11 reported. This is introduced as the first robot to successfully inject humans intramuscularly without the need for subcutaneous needles.

The process of administering the Cobi vaccine goes as follows. Participants will first register online. Next, this person needs to go to a clinic or other location where the Cobi robot is installed and then present the ID card in front of the camera or touch screen interface. Meanwhile, the 3D depth sensing system will also recognize the presence of the injector.

After verifying the identity of the injector, the robotic arm will take the vaccine vial from the storage box. The LiDAR sensor on the robot’s hand will create a 3D digital map of the injector’s body. This map is analyzed by artificial intelligence (AI) software to determine the optimal vaccination site. Using needle-free technology, the robot delivers the vaccine in the form of a high-pressure liquid jet through a hair-sized hole.

Cobionix does not currently provide more detailed information about Cobi. But according to Tim Lasswell, co-founder of Cobionix, it takes about two years for Cobi to be ready to enter the medical market. Once there, they hope the robot will help more people get vaccinated at the same time, while reducing health care costs. It can also be used in remote areas that lack medical staff.

Thu Thao (Follow New Atlas)

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