Roy Keane ‘surrenders’ Man Utd players

BrotherThe former captain of Man Utd was extremely disappointed when he saw his old team lose to Man City in the Premier League on the evening of November 6.

“This match is worse than losing to Liverpool,” said Roy Keane. “The performance was too poor. The level between the two sides is completely different, from the quality of play, the ability to make decisions… People often use the concept of adults fighting with children, but it’s true. This match Man Utd is too inferior. It’s unbelievable.”

Keane feels too bored with the way Man Utd players play at the moment.  Photo: Sky Sport

Keane feels too bored with the way Man Utd players play at the moment. Photo: Sky Sports

Playing at home a week after the jubilant victory over Tottenham, but Man Utd was completely inferior to Man City. The host’s midfield could not hold the ball, while the defense continuously made mistakes. Right in the 7th minute, midfielder Eric Bailly broke the ball straight into the home net, giving Man City the lead. At the end of the first half, Harry Maguire, David De Gea and Luke Shaw lacked coordination, allowing Bernando Silva to shoot from close range, doubling the gap for Man City.

“Look at Shaw and De Gea. How many more chances are they given? I’ve been fed up with these people, all these seasons,” Keane commented. “They are world-class defensive players, but I don’t understand how they defend. I surrender.”

Losing to Man City, Man Utd extended a series of disappointing matches at Old Trafford this season. In the last four home matches, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s teachers and students only won one point, including a 0-5 defeat against Liverpool.

“Phil Foden once said being a guest of Man Utd is very difficult, but it is not. Ask Everton, Aston Villa or Liverpool. A lot of teams have come to Old Trafford and left with joy,” commented Keane. “Let’s try to evaluate a few individuals of Man Utd. Scott McTominay and Fred are not qualified to play for Man Utd. Defensively, Eric Bailly shocked me when he scored at home. This is not Bailly’s first time. . He is very unstable. Man City kicks very comfortably. They play with Man Utd the whole game.”

Disappointed Man Utd players.  Photo: Sky Sport

Disappointed Man Utd players. Photo: Sky Sports

Regarding the chair of former teammate Solskjaer, Keane “insinuated” a change that could be the plan to help the team progress.

He said: “Ole seems to have been under a lot of pressure from his first day in charge of Man Utd, because many people don’t trust him if you look at his resume, with his record of being sacked at Cardiff. But he has to be held accountable. I have protected Solskjaer for many seasons, but he is the manager and the coaching team has not reached the full potential of the player. Man Utd are in a bad situation but not the end. The biggest question is whether Solskjaer is the right man.”

Man Utd are currently fifth with 17 points, but could fall very deeply if Arsenal (17 points), Tottenham (15 points), Everton or Leicester (both 14 points) win in late matches in this round.

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