Russian S-300 missile exercises to defend bases near Afghanistan

The Russian S-300 air defense battalion intercepted a simulated cruise missile during a drill to protect a garrison base in Tajikistan.

“The S-300 air defense battery switched to a high alert state to intercept simulated cruise missile targets. The combat crew detected and tracked well, practiced electronic launching and destroyed simulated targets from a safe distance,” the Central Military District announced yesterday.

The drills involved 200 soldiers and revolved around the defense of Russia’s base 201 in Tajikistan. The S-300 missile crew does not launch live ammunition, but simulates the process of firing and destroying targets on the combat management system. Base defense units also practiced the content of repelling enemy reconnaissance forces in the area.

Russian S-300 missile during a drill in 2018. Photo: TASS.

Russian S-300 missile during a drill in 2018. Photo: TASS.

The 201st garrison in Tajikistan is one of Moscow’s largest military installations abroad. Under the bilateral agreement, the Russian military will be able to use the base until 2042.

The Russian Ministry of Defense in late July announced the dispatch of 17 more BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles here, while the Central Military District in August announced to strengthen the garrison force with a series of new weapons. such as Verba shoulder vac air defense missiles, AK-12 rifles, sniper rifles and modern machine guns, thermobaric missiles and Kornet anti-tank missiles.

Moscow has repeatedly feared that the situation in Afghanistan could push refugees and Islamist extremists to Central Asia, destabilizing Russia’s southern flank. The border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan is 1,344 km long, mostly mountainous and difficult to control.

Vu Anh (Follow TASS)

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