Secrets when buying used cars for Vietnamese customers

Experts answer questions about whether to buy a used car or check what’s on it, in Car Talks number 5 live at 2pm on VnExpress.

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  • 14h05

    Criteria for choosing used cars

    Mr. Nguyen Kien, used car sales expert: When buying used cars, customers often have criteria on the price range, for example 300-500 million, 500-700 million, 700 million to 1 billion dong or more. Besides, the time the car has been used, 2, 3 or 5 years.

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: Cars that surf for 1-3 years have very little maintenance and repair problems because they are usually within the genuine warranty period. When over 3 years, the car needs more intensive maintenance such as tires, batteries…

  • 14h10

    The more expensive the surfer, the higher the maintenance cost?

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: With personal experience, the higher the price range, for example European cars, the higher maintenance costs. Japanese cars are in the mid-range, lower than European cars, and Korean cars are the lowest.

    Mr. Nguyen Kien: The concept of quality or attraction of Japanese and Korean cars is no longer as different as before, both when it comes to new and old cars. Korean cars are very customer-friendly, with many options, Japanese cars are aimed at durability, and the company itself also has a large loyal customer base.

  • 14h17

    Two factors to pay attention to when buying a used car

    Mr. Nguyen Kien: Vehicle quality, legality, these are the two issues that are most concerned by buyers.

    Vehicle quality includes factors such as no accident, no accident, original engine, transmission (especially high-surfing cars)… Besides, legal issues must be clear. Buyers need to buy at reputable and reliable showrooms, avoid buying cars with paperwork problems, ownership disputes or legal-related car owners being resolved.

    In case a customer buys a car from a bank in the form of a liquidated vehicle, but the vehicle is involved in a criminal case, if the bank does not notify the customer, this is not advisable. The most disadvantaged buyer. If it is my showroom, I will return the money to the customer.

    To limit the risks when buying used cars related to legal issues, customers need to choose a reputable showroom. If the car owner pledges to the bank, it is necessary to take the original documents and go to the bank to check whether the car is still in dispute between the two parties. If the car being sold is the property of the couple, there needs to be a written agreement of both…

    Buyers also need to pay attention to check the cold fine on the electronic system of the Registry Department or the Traffic Police Department to make sure that the vehicle does not have a problem related to traffic laws.

  • 2:25pm

    Tips for customers to check used cars

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: In addition to the legal story, the quality of the car is also very important when buying a car. Before buying a car, consider buying a genuine car, a reputable showroom or asking the garage to check it out.

    When viewing a car, customers need to see the overall appearance. If the car is 5-10 years old, but the exterior of the car is still very new, it is necessary to ask questions. Close the door, open the door to judge the quality. If in doubt about a certain point, customers can tap on that location to see if the material is original.

    Turn on the machine, turn on the air conditioner. If the car is flooded, the air conditioner has a sour smell at first, this is a telltale sign no matter how many times it is handled. Guests can check the operation of the electrical system by raising and lowering the glass. Or rhyme the steering wheel to feel the weight and lightness of the steering wheel, the feedback from the wheel to the steering wheel to see if there is any problem?

  • 2:33pm

    Old car can be restored 90% like new?

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: With current technology, supply of spare parts and machines, garages can recover an accident car up to 90%. Many people buy used cars and upgrade to new ones. There are customers who buy a car model for 500 million VND, but the cost of making a new car is up to 600 million VND.

  • 2:38pm

    What to do to avoid buying accident cars?

    Mr. Nguyen Kien: My showroom doesn’t usually buy these cars. We usually do a very thorough check of vehicles with previous accidents. The best way to limit buying these types of cars, customers need to find reliable showrooms or car owners. We also recommend that guests check with a third party, before making a deposit.

  • 2:45pm

    Depending on the showroom, there are ways to commit to customers in different categories. If the customer is strict or needs higher requirements with the seller’s commitment to quality, for example, mirrors, windshields have bumps, engines, transmissions need to be completely intact, not a light problem ( tolerable), the best way a buyer should choose a new car.

  • 2:50 p.m

    Speedometer for only 300,000 VND

    Mr. Nguyen Kien: With popular Japanese and Korean cars, the speedometer is very easy (costs about 300,000 VND), their purpose is to price the car higher.

  • 2:53 pm

    Old car maintenance costs

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: Old car if in the first 1-3 years, the number of kilometers rolling is about 30,000-50,000 km, the maintenance cost is not much. From the 3rd year onwards, especially the car beyond 5 years, the details that need maintenance such as tires, batteries, brake pads, air filters, oil filters…

    From about 40,000 km, major maintenance includes things related to fluids such as gear oil, brake fluid, oil filter, air filter, engine maintenance, generator… After that, up to about 10 years or higher, the suspension, chassis, transmission cams, and steering rotor need attention.

    For passenger cars from 10 years or more, the overall cost of taking care of a car is about 15-20 million VND. In the process of buying a used car, customers can think of an amount of about 5% of the car’s price, for example, an old car is 500 million VND, customers can spend 20-30 million VND to take care of and maintain the interior and exterior. Undercarriage system, can go 3-5 years to still achieve satisfaction.

  • 3:02 pm

    Accessories on old cars have potential risks

    Mr. Nguyen Manh Ha: Most of the accessories added to old cars are of poor quality after many years of use. This causes unnecessary damage, such as a fire. When buying a used car with a lot of custom equipment, toys, especially the electrical system for more than 5 years, customers need to have the car checked again. The type that still works well, keep it, if it doesn’t need to be removed to return it to the original, safe to use.

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